Norway's Interest in the Peace Process seems dubious to the discerning eye

By Suranimala for LankaWeb

It seems to be fast becoming obvious that the urgency with which Norway is trying to set up a peace initiative between The Government of Sri Lanka and the LTTE is in their own interest rather than motivated by a genuine desire for peace and seems rather dubious to the discerning eye. Recent information based on statistics seems to indicate that there is much more to it than meets the common eye and in the best interests of the deserving people of Sri Lanka, the need to establish the credentials of a genuine Peace Effort could be critical especially considering the track record of the LTTE,their International Network with strong ties with Norway and the sense of desperation suggested by the urgency with which they are trying to accomplish this so called peace initiative.

The drain on finances and high military expenditure refered to in recent news items, especially those appearing in Indian News Sources publicising the lack of alternatives for the Sri Lankan Government at this stage is tantamount to propaganda and an attempt to slow down the War Effort which has victory in its sights.In some incongruous manner are these peace promoters suggesting that the Government puts into cold storage all the weaponry,armaments and expertise in their possesion and dance to the tune of a hair brained Norwegian Emissary with a tainted reputation? Slowing down the process could prove to be a tactical error and provide the LTTE with just the breathing room they are hoping for at a time when they are cornered.

It may be a judicious decision on the part of our decision makers to very tactfully inform the 'concerned Norwegian Government' to hold off on the pressure they are applying on Sri Lanka towards their concept of peace especially at a time when the USA and Great Britain primarily and other countries like China and the Soviet Union, India and Pakistan too are advocating the total stamping out of international terrorism with no compromise.Interpol and other Criminal Investigation Agencies have more than confirmed this as well, in no uncertain terms!.

Lessons must be learned from the many lives lost in the past due to a relaxation of security and a false sense of security that conciliatory gestures may move the hearts of ruthless terrorists who very efficiently snuffed out the lives of many prominent leaders including that of the Late Hon.Rajive Gandhi and almost caused the demise of our President having caused that of her predecssor and this time around peace has to be arrived at after the enemy is subjugated and vanquished,especially when the climate seems perfect for it and the means for accomplishing this seems better than ever.


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