Arjuna deserves better than the raw deal he is getting right now!

The Seeing Eye, of Sightscreens Unlimited for LankaWeb

Consider the Gods that pervade the reality of accomplishment, and their single minded purity in how their power and forcefulness effects reality ! in the case of Arjuna Ranatunga applicable as a whole rather than a fraction!! what on earth! are the powers that be in Cricket, whether it be the ICC or the SLBCC trying to accomplish in the manner in which they are intimidating this most noble of cricketers who needs to be inducted into the Cricketing Hall Of Fame rather than be subjected to inquiries on match fixing allegations together with Aravinda de Silva another elevated celestial Lankan cricketing great who hardly deserves the ridiculous infamy they are being subjected to based on a degenerate bookmaker Mukhesh Gupta's unfounded allegations.

A bookmaker that needs to be put behind bars for the havoc he is causing both in his native India and the cricketing world!

There is only one plausible reason for the vicious allegations against Arjuna typically proven by mentalities and attitudes almost idyosyncratically Sri Lankan which is a retaliation to the outspokenness of Arjuna in his criticism of the Sri Lankan Cricket Board and its shortcomings and to a degree he has ben vindicated by the dissolution of the inept previous Cricket Board by a very perceptive Minister of Sports very justifiably but Hey ICC and SLBCC! its about time you called a halt to your baseless hounding and made amends for your indiscretions against Arjuna.

The simplest logic behind the need to make amends towards this great injustice done to one of Sri Lanka's most accomplished cricketing superstars is his sincerity, dedication and personal integrity towards Sri Lankan Cricket and the manner in which he has conducted himself with great dignity and pride at the highest International Level notwitstanding being outspoken and critical when the occassion demanded it and it seems almost criminal and pathetic that there are individuals and organizations that wish to incarcerate him rather than adulate him for the kind of individual he is and they surely owe him a huge apology!!


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