The Criminal Activities Of Sri Lankan Terrorist Supporters Exposed.

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The Latest Globe and Mail Toronto, Canada reports that a Gang leader suspected of credit card fraud and arrested by Police was linked by a Provincial Judge to a violent Tamil Group the Tamil 'Tigers' of Sri Lanka.

A man cited by an Ontario judge as a notorious Tamil gang leader has been arrested in an alleged sophisticated credit- and debit-card scam that used pin-hole cameras to record PIN numbers at Toronto-area gas stations.

Mr.Niranjan Fabian, a Sri Lankan Tamil 33 now domiciled in Canada, appeared in court recently on charges of conspiracy to commit fraud over $5,000, possession of instruments used in forging or falsifying credit cards, and illegally obtaining credit-card information for the purpose of commiting fradulent transactions and distribution.

In 1998, Mr. Fabian was also found guilty by Judge J. David Wake of the Ontario Provincial Court to be an active member of an organized-crime group linked to the Tamil 'Tigers' of Sri Lanka whose allied operations have brought violence to the streets of Canada's largest city, Toronto in an alarmingly increasing problem facing the City's Law Enforcers. Drive by shootings, gang rivalry, muggings, credit card fraud and drug trafficking being some of the related activities attributed to Fabian and his gang.

According toMr. Justice Wake," the most alarming feature of the group's organization is that they are too willing to resort to violence and the use of prohibited weapons in order to preserve their criminal enterprise from any encroachment," end quote which was a closing statement made during the sentencing of Mr. Fabian, a successful refugee claimant now a landed immigrant eligible for Canadian citizenship, who was sentenced to the nine months he had already served plus seven months. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit assault causing bodily harm, conspiracy to deal in forged passports and attempting to obstruct justice.

About Mr. Fabian's past, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's Offficer Joe McQueen, who led a joint RCMP-OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) investigation into the credit-card case, said, he was known to Police and that the investigations are continuing.

Also charged is an Abbas Esufali, 37, described by law-enforcement sources as being the Technical Brain behind the alleged fraud scheme. Esufali is not from Sri Lanka. He would not disclose how much the accused are alleged to have defrauded but said that the scheme had the potential to skim millions using photographic equipment cleverly devised to obtain personal identification and magnetic strip information which could later transposed into a usable form .

Fabian has been out of jail since last Fall and a member of VVT, a Tamil gang named after Valvettithurai, a town in northern Sri Lanka. VVT, based in Toronto and Mississauga, is a rival gang of another Tamil gang known as AK Kannan, which operates in Toronto's east end, primarily in Scarborough Ontario.

Fabian was indicted in the illicit trade of forged passports, sold illegally for about Can. $2,000 to $3,000 each. He was also found guilty of attempts to purchase illegal firearms for use in gang activities.

This is one of the many examples of the criminal element operating within the country who apparently slipped past lax Immigration and were improperly screened who eventually merged into the mainstream of criminal activity for the LTTE already in operation and a pathetic display of indifference by Canada which if not eliminated and extreme measures taken to screen all individuals with criminal records, expedite deportations of such individuals without appeal, or appropriate punitive action taken , may have far reaching consequences of a dire nature in a world becoming more than conscious of criminal activities linked to International Terrorism!


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