How To Ruin A Test Series With Poor Officiating.

It's as simple as mixing cart horses with thoroughbreds, and probably has to do with cost rather than the availability of quality personnel.We're talking about the appointing of match referees and panels of umpires whose vision and mentalities seem to be impaired synonymously with the motor reflex which induces one's finger to be raised or lowered at the appropriate moment and the writings's on the wall in the case of the present Test Series. Quite naturally tempers will flair as the level of ajudicating is reduced to that of a local game of 'ELLE' and spectators are deprived of their money's worth while deprivation reaches into the dressing rooms of the players themselves, so why are Hanumant Sigh and his band of cavaliers pitching into the chaos that already exists and can they not be replaced by better and more prudent officials to maintain world class quality?

Kumar Sangakkara was given out off his elbow guard, Nasser Hussain not given out twice as cameras revealed unquestionably, off bat and pad: a few examples to bear and is this a direct result of the 'stringent warnings' given to his panel of umpires by the match referee, to be cautious in their decisions and if so a wretched shame where the panel not only needs to be booted out, but with a kick to their rear ends for good measure as well.

Although long suspected, it has finally surfaced that some Brits along with other fair skinned players of other geographical locations have scant respect on the field for their brown skinned counterparts with occassional verbal abuse being hurled at random.expressing dissent at decisions and ignored by the umpires for the sake of what? Preserving the false congeniality of the game and in this case, following the orders of Herr. Hanumant!! Unless many such issues are addressed soon, the game will sadly deteriorate into a fiasco and a comedy of errors which few would be interested in watching.Of noteworthy mention also is the arrogant mentality displayed by certain English players on the recent tour lacking in decorum,'gifted' with vocabularies and gestures which would make sailors blush much to the chagrin of the more elite in the squad (and there are many!!) to whom it must surely be an embarrassment as these individuals stick out in the manner of sore thumbs.

The glory days of cricket seem to have evaporated into a cloud of circumspect officiating at Test Level marred by ugly incidents and second class umpiring, and the more 'Eyes' and scrutinies being added on with the intention of improving the quality of the game seem to be on the contrary, ruining it. ICC take note!!

Did not Noel Coward the famed English playwright once say " Mad Dogs and Englishmen Go Out In The Noonday Sun"? Well he should have included an add on which might have read "In The Tropics, Just To Play A Game, Which Keeps Them On The Run!"

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