'Vaiko' Gopalasamy's Speculations About Russian Arms Supplies!

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For LankaWeb "Vaiko' Gopalasamy of the KDMK has tried a propaganda stint of no fixed confirmation nor credibility in his assertion that the Sri Lankan Government will be denied Arms by Russia and ' Other Countries' in a blatantly bold publicised statement of pure conjecture.

Once again this is a clear example of the Indian News Agencies and their continued attempts to mislead the general public and the International Community with so called News Items , ( many such in recent times ) based upon pure conjecture and rather flimsy, unconfirmed speculative guessing which needs to be quashed.

That 'Vaiko' Gopalasamy may have ties to the Indian President is a possibility but not one which lends credence to the reality of the Russian non-compliance to supply arms, which if the initiator of this story intends to propagate to its entirety, needs a few more confirmed facts to back its veracity and there are none. Never have the Russians nor other 'alleged sources' unknown!! ever confirmed or denied their status quo as arms suppliers, as this is Classified Information and one wonders how someone such as 'Vaiko' affiliated with an organization such as KDMK regardless of whether or not he has links to the Indian President could have access to Classified Information relating to the Sri Lankan Government. In other words! Whom is he trying to kid?

It is a well known fact that organizations such as the Dravida Munnethra Kasagam and many others of a similar disposition with sympathies directed towards the LTTE and their projected objectives intended to disrupt a Democratic Sovereign Nation through terrorism, have over the years, tried various tactics in order to disrupt the smooth functioning of the Sri Lankan Government, and in collaboration with 'the enemies within', unsuccessfully and this latest false propaganda is nothing new. It is a rather intense sounding pack of lies intended to create uncertainties and insecurities in the minds of a weak few.

Just for the information of these false propagandists, and for the record! The Sri Lankan Government has always consolidated its affiliations with its Foreign Allies and are on a Very Sound Footing with all of them as far as ties and agreements entered into, which include the areas of arms and equipment supplies, intelligence and solidarity towards preserving its Territorial Integrity which is no conjecture but it might be mentioned that India in a time of dire need did indeed deny requests by the Sri Lankan Government for military equipment and vehicles (albeit former IPKF memories of another time and other motives! ) whereas other loyal Super Powers complied almost instantly. Of noteworthy mention is Pakistan who has always indicated loyal support even in the area of Air Defense and only binding agreements with their own suppliers have prompted them to mildly soft peddle the provision of sophisticated air power and weaponry which has nevertheless been circumvented and alternatives found. Perhaps 'Vaiko' was a persuasive medium which could have influenced Vajpaiye's ultimate decision relative to Tamil Nadu's electoral importance in the denial by the Indian Government to assist Sri Lanka militarily.

Contrary to the 'Vaiko' Gopalasamy propaganda and despite the non availability of Classified Information, the consensus is that there will never be a slowing down of Arms Procurement by the Sri Lankan Government for as long as it deems necessary to put down the internal armed insurrection which has now digressed beyond the point of its original objective and the loyalties of the Nations who have pledged their support to the Sri Lankan Government is stronger than ever before and numbers continue to increase. The Government of Sri Lanka has no obligations towards releasing the Classified Information about its arms and weapons suppliers and has no intentions of contesting speculations by the likes of 'Vaiko' and the KDMK ( a scourge towards Indo-Lanka relations ), as the well being of the Nation is the Government's primary objective and neither the KDMK' s nor 'Vaiko' Gopalasamy' s opinions are itemised in its new agenda.


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