Dear Editor,

Mr Dias's letter reads like the rantings of a deluded person. My ancestor bought land during the Colonial era and invested his lifetime and funds pioneering sugar. The SLFP stole all of it without compensation. So we lost not only our homes and lands but were prevented from studying in the language of our choice. We were forced out with thousands of Sinhalese who were opponents.

My ancestor also co founded and edited the first independant newspaper on the island. A local Mudaliyar asked that missionaries be sent from England to start a church and school where many fine Sinhalese priests were educated. It would do good for Buddhists to learn of Christ as it would for Christians to study Buddhism.

I am partly Sinhalese and have studied many religions and come to the conclusion that religion is very divisive. Mr Dias scares me with his rhetoric, where did he learn these so called facts?..My grandfather whilst working bought up land lying exhausted and neglected by constant Chena cultivation, by manuring he restored fertility and was successful in giving Lanka some of its major exports.//SWRD Bandaranaike, with his Nationalisitic policies sought the major vote by pandering to the ultra nationalists, thus ruining our peaceful island.// To see falsehoods being paraded as facts is horrendous.

To live in a country with the likes of Mr Dias enjoying all the goodies in North America at the moment would be the very antithesis of Serendib. Why is he abroad anyway?

Has is ever wondered if he had Portuguese blood with such a name?

They burnt alive Buddhists priests. Yes, the Sinhalese too committed ethnic war crimes when they drove off the Veddahs into the Wanni, they were also conquerors.

Does he remember that the Tamils from S.India who invaded Lanka destroyed the tanks and laid waste the paddylands also causing Malarial epidemics. These were made almost non existent by DDT spraying by the British who also gave us fine schools, roads, hospitals and justice. Bribery was curtailed.

The Sinhalese methods of justice included, tearing humans apart between cocoanut palms. Some Kandyan factions invited them in because of the Mayhem in the Kingdom where Rajakariya existed which the British abolished.

Get real Mr. Dias, we too have read the facts. See the Colebrook Cameron papers. We had peace and justice under the British who looked upon all as equal under the Pax Brittanica.


Anne Winter Williams


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