Aravinda de Silva must not be permitted to fade away yet.

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There may never be another Aravinda de Silva for decades to come in Sri Lankan cricket and he is not past his prime yet, contrary to the views of some misguided pundits! although he seems to have adopted an attitude which has not been seen favourably by the Selectors.

Considering his accomplishments and contributions to Sri Lankan cricket, he must be given another chance, shown respect and minor' faux pas's 'on his part such as not turning up for practice sessions and shows of dissapointment at not being given a contract for the present season which he is entitled to certainly, must be overlooked in order to enable this incredible player to be entitled to play out his career.

The infrastructure of Sri Lankan cricket has indeed been emboldened and mettled by players such as Aravinda and Arjuna amongst a host of other greats and it saddens the cricketing world that Aravinda is not being given the opportunity to prove his class to its fullest. Arjuna's Swan Song though seemingly premature was nevertheless an emotional and historic event which was witnessed by an adoring following.

The BCCSL has a notoriety for incarcerating players in their prime for reasons unknown or best known to them alone as the record shows going back to Ravi Ratnayake, Ranjan Madugalle, Asanka Gurusinghe, Roshan Mahanama and Arjuna Ranatunga who walked away politely, albeit with some disgust, in the end.

Incidentally there are a few others of noteworthy mention too falling into this category and then there were others who overstayed their welcomes too just for the record! Certainly there are certain attributes towards being undaunted and unfettered, in the face of such setbacks in continuing to perform, regardless of being overlooked for selection as most of the previously mentioned players may have concluded their careers with a defeatist attitude by walking away instead of fighting back if one were to take the examples of Hashan Tillekeratne and Kumar Dharmasena who have made remarkable comebacks into the international arena and should Aravinda make a concerted effort to prove to the selectors that he is still a great player by virtue of his performances he should be in with a fighting chance and it is hoped that he would take up the challenge given the opportunity.

The forthcoming Test Series against India may turn out to be much more colourful and draw greater crowds if Aravinda was included. Swan Songs a. k. a. Farewells are saddening as they herald the end of great careers and in the case of Aravinda he is probably a distance from his own yet, but it is disconcerting to say the least, that that this towering figure of Sri Lankan cricket may not be even afforded one, should the BCCSL continues to overlook him for selection albeit the justification of selecting youngblood towards team building for the future and he crosses the point of no return which would be a travesty of justice considering his accomplishments for Sri Lanka and not to mention a delightful stints with Kent CCC, England where he is still remembered with awe.

Aravinda de Silva is special, a class act and must be given his rightful place in A Hall Of Fame type recognition for his contributions to Sri Lankan cricket and should not be ignominiously dumped! "And When The Great Reporter Comes, To Write Against His Name. He Asks Not, If He Won Or Lost, But How He Played The Game!"

In Aravida's case, Truly Magnificiently!!!



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