Cricketing Media Shark's Feeding Frenzy Has Begun!

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The Test Series is hardly over, albeit one marred by bad umpiring, flared tempers and the expected media hype with a zillion suggestions on how to better improve the game. The Foreign Press especially the British, are carving the Sri Lankans as they would a turkey on a platter, but justifications aside it simply is not cricket but a mere Cricketing Media Shark's Feeding Frenzy!

To add to the chaos, a trigger happy match referee with a rather bureaucratic and dictatorial mentality who probably is the real culprit responsible for marring the game is going his merry way handing out match suspensions having instructed his team of puerile umpires to get tough and the pandemonium has begun.

Mr.B.C.Cooray, not in the ranks of great test umpires according to his critics has once again sparked controversy as the cameras have shown but the confounding question asked is why use a camera at all if it cannot be used as the final yardstick when in doubt, and why use controversial umpires at all.

The ICC has viewed Sanath Jayasuriya's conduct as unexemplary while the conduct of others have been overlooked especially among the visitors and it is their prerogative, harsh and tough though it seems, to pass judgement on bad conduct and I'm inclined to agree, having played the game myself that one's conduct on and off the field is the very epitome and essence of the game and being able to take the worst of decisions without flinching makes one a true cricketer especially a captain.

It would be poetic justice however and a vindication for being unfairly victimised, if Sri Lanka were to pull the Second Test 'out of the fire' and the chances appear to be even but the Media Frenzy must stop ! permitting the Series to continue without impacting the players to the point of bitterness and frustration.

There used to be a rustic and genteel charm about the game of cricket leaving aside its challenges and the ultimate victory which takes one to the pinnacle of achievement, but one must never forget the magnificence of the game in decades past played by real gentlemen with no helmets, visors, body armour, camera umpires, stump microphones and all the trappings of this day and age when umpires and the governing bodies who were the ultimate authority had no call to 'tighten the screws' as it were, on players, as the spirit in which the game was played dictated the outcome regardless of who won or lost which is sadly becoming a dinosaur.


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