Who are the terrorists and who made terrorists born?

Who are the terrorists? Why they become terrorissts? At what situation this terrorism does born? Who can give a right definition to "Terrorism"? If any one answers this question correctly he will be a genius. All states or countries who have their own powers in all sorts, brand those who oppose them as terrorists because they fear that their monopoly on power is threatened. With that power they do whatever they like. If some raises the voice against them and they could not control those new powers then they make a sermon among their partners and cry for cooperation all over the world. But they never think about the root of the problem; because they know that they do the "Wrong" things and they want international protection for their deeds. The man who becomes as a terrorist has a goal in his mind. If this goal is "wrong" then his acts are wrong too; but if his goal is sacred and just then his act cannot be wrong. Look the Palestine conflict!

For decades those people are suppressed under the Israeli grip with the help of those who support the aggression! The people revolt against the injustice what can they do? They have to attack the aggresors with whatever weapon they afford to carry. Can be a stone1 Or a gun. The stone throwing youths will definitely carry heavy weapons. This is logic. Their loved ones are killed brutally in front of their eyes. Their houses are bombarded and demolished by planes. Do you want this people tie their hands behind and tlk about justice? And with whom? How can the authors of the conflict give certificate of 'terrorists'? What is happening in Sri Lanka? No media is there to tell the truth. What a shame? All are singing the same music.

The innocent people in the south doesn't know what is going on in the north and the East? Do they know that hundreds of Tamil girls and boys are killed and massacred brutally? How can a brother be patient when his sisiter is raped and killed by the blood thirsty army? How many children lost their parents in the hands of the Sri Lankan army? Every time a murderer or a culprit of the murder, either police, Army or even Navy he is safeguarded by the state and sometimes they get promotions for their deeds! The infamous Gang rape by the cooperate soldiers in Mannar is now denied by a senior politician. He is right! Because he wants some promotion and some Badges for his Honesty.

Did the people in Sri Lanka forget that during the last election period this particular Hon. politician did the rowdiness with his son in a particular area? Now he is in charge of the security of the country. The deciples will follow their 'Guru'. Always the blessings are there from the GURU for those who will go on rampage. These deciples can only attack the innocents in the name of the terrorists, when they stopped attacking back. The real Terrorists are these infamous diciples and not those who lost their their loved ones in an foolish and coward war. The government sponsored terrorism is not terrosim? The prisoners in the jails chopped into pieces and killed by thugs infront of the uniform guards of the sacred country is not terrorism? The prisoners were attacked by the prison guards when they observe democractic way of strike.

Is this not terrorism? A One and a half month pregnent lady and a mother of three were raped by the 30 navy -special task force combined animals on duty. Is it not terrorism? People were asked to take refuge in a catholic church in Navaly in the north and the church was bombarded and all of them were massacred few years ago. Is it not terrorism? Those who brand others as terrorists do not know that they are still living in stone age? If the media in this sacred land will list those atrocities of those 'Sons of the land' commited in the name of Democracy. No. Because, they have two democracies; One for tamils and one for Sinhalese. Whichever is good for you is became the general rule of the country. If the media performs its duty with honesty there will not be any more atrocities in our land.They have to tell the people the truth; not lies. Are they bold enough? Only one brave journalist tried to show the real side of the story to the world but he was killed by the third grade traitors! Few re doing their jobs counting their days.

The govrnment 'Coolies' are there to please their masters. They need 24 hours protection because of their honesty. The services of the 'coolies' are very much needed for 'Voting games'. They said they won the election by votes. It is not. They got their votes with government supplied guns in open vehicles with protection from the higly deciplined army in the world. When they paraded the island with guns they were not terrorists. They were pece makers. No power brokers. The top 'place' needed these coolies' support to tell the world that we also know a little bit of Democracy but a lot about terrorism.

When the British was ruling India, people rose against their rule were branded as Terrorists. Not them, who captured the country showing powerfull weapons. They are the people who invaded China for opium with terror. They are the people who stole the wealth of the whole world with terror. They are the people who massacred hundreds of innocent civilians in Punjab in the name of democracy. They were not terrorists. They are the people who kill thousands of children in Iraq every month by their sanctions with the most terrorists in the world, the Americans.

Now that 'uncle sam' thanks Britain for banninig terrorists organisations. And also high ranking Buddhist Clergy thanks for banninig terrorists organisations on one hand and asks to continue the war on the other. The Norwegian embassy was attacked for not allowing the war to continue; This is the first time in my life I hear from religious clergy supporting a war. They made pilgrimages to recruit youths for army. Will the Sacred Buddha accept this terrorist attitude of the clergy? If religion accepts war why can't an ordinary innocent victim of discrimination support terrorism? If a clergy manifests for war why can't a youth carry weapon against injustice? Terrorism is born from the miscarriage of justice of all sort, i.e. Sri lanka



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