Most of theThe Band of Eight Defectors Have Dubious Track Records.

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At a time when unity and loyalty should have been key words tantamount towards the preservation of the Nation and the integrity of the Parliamentary System, the band of eight defectors to the opposition ranks comprising of S.B Dissanayake, Prof.G.L.Peiris, Wijeypala Mendis, Bandula Gunewardena Ananda Munasingha, Ediriweera Premaratna and Jayasundera Wijeykoon have displayed their true colours following in the footsteps of the likes of Rauf Hakeem and his traitors as it appears and have responded to the incentives and 'proverbial mythical carrots' , many undisclosed perks which include large financial gratuities it is suspected dangled before their noses by a power hungry substantially wealthy Opposition Leader still on a personal campaign to wrest power at any cost and still dreaming of the Excecutive Presidency.

A campaign which is most likely to fall short of expectations once Parliament is dissolved and Elections called by the President. The time factor mandated through legislation to carry out this option is now feasible and enables the President to do so, and much to the chagrin of the defectors and their instigator Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe they may be in for a rude shock considering the inroads made by the PA-JVP MOU and the positive responses received by the voting public .It could very well prove to be the UNP's last hurrah!

To put into perspective the credentials of the defectors:

S.B Dissanayake - One time confidant and trusted associate of the President who subsequently had his image tarnished and flawed due to various nefarious activities including sexual advances made to Sri Lankan Athletic Princess Susanthika Jayasinghe and other high handed activities including open bold criticism of the Presidency itself. A decorumless politician whose attitude was that of a bad loser. The Commission to Inquire Bribery and Corruption has commenced perusing the house-building procedure adopted by Mr. S. B. Dissanayake, in putting up a private residence at Hanguranketha. The Commission has called for reports on the construction plans approved by the relevant Pradeshiya Sabha. Meanwhile, the Commission has also called for details of bank accounts operated to the credit of Mr. Dissanayake. The preliminary investigations into the issue on depositing Samurdhi funds in private banks is completed, and the officers are now tracing the persons responsible for this act

G.L.Peiris- (Mahadenamutta) A lacklustre former University Professor sympathetic to the UNP forced into politics, sincere as an individual, a clever instructor and theoretician but not mettled enough to survive the tough climate of Sri Lankan Politics with a willy nilly mentality, easily swayed. One of your readers had compared the devolution package of G. L. Peiris with the solution Mahadenamutta advocated when a goat had its head stuck in a pot. To a certain extent it is a fair comparison for Mahadenamutta was oblivious of the poor animal's life when he proposed the solution only to liberate its head. In a similar situation Mr. Peiris had brought package to liberate the North and some parts of the East with scant respect for the territorial integrity of the Sri Lankan nation and the country. However, the comparison is fair only to a point because Mahadenamutta did not advocate that the rest of the goat's body should be separated into seven more parts just as G. L. Peiris had proposed to do with the rest of the country. Therefore, this comparison is fair to a point beyond which it's unfair by Mahadenamutta.

Wijeypala Mendis- With his con -artist mentality and 'gift of the gab', a fence jumper with clever conniving capabilities ideally suited to the campaigns of the Opposition Leader and a UNP sympathiser and opportunist all the way .Sways in the manner of a coconut palm! A former UNP member who crossed over to PA recently.

Ranil not competent to hold post of chairman of village council, says Wijeyapala

Wijeyapala calls for suspension of Ranil's UNP membership

Bandula Gunewardena -Son of a former LSSP- MEP politician whose father too defected to the UNP making history repeat itself. Young, inexperienced and easily swayed and probably misguided too. Used to run popular revision classes (Locally known as tuition classes) for advanced level students.

Ediriweera Premaratne, Jayasundera Wijeykoon and Ananda Munasinghe are relative unknowns fairly recent entries to the political arena with the exception of the last mentioned whose original sincerity and empathy shown towards the PA was interpreted by the President as beneficial towards Nation Building but seem to have been lured away with incentives and perks offered by the crafty UNP leadership into reneging on their principles epitomising the old Sinhala Adage "Wasi Patthata Hoiya!!" although in this instance they seem to have misinterpreted its connotations.

All in all, a motley bunch of 'weak kneed greenhorns' with no principles, tempted by huge gratuities and influenced by an even larger than life conniver in the form of the UNP Leader astride a decorumless dark horse of indecision, betrayal, hatred and non-patriotic jargon, whose self centered ideals and quest for power knows no bounds until his day of judgment where he will never 'Ride Away Into The Sunset, Covered In Glory' as he proclaims.

Interestingly, these defectors with their rather dubious track records in all probability have catapulted the dissolution of Parliament and a General Election despite difficult economic times where the inroads of success and the path towards progress have been asserted by the PA- JVP MOU and are becoming clearly visible. The result would in all probabilities, greatly favour the Alliance and its outcome inevitable in their favour.

Synonymously this defection and consequent unrest anticipated cannot prompt an already depleted LTTE into carrying out recent threats issued to the Government, or permitted to be interpreted as infighting amongst the Sinhalese and their allies! as the LTTE with their Hyena Mentality always lurk in the shadows awaiting an opening to make a quick strike despite their demise looming over the horizon and targeted by the International Coalition Against Terrorism. Security must be tightened to a maximum as the future of Sri Lanka Unfolds further into the 21st Century.



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