Uphold People's Majority Verdict.

A.A.M.NIZAM Matara.

The treacherous UNP leadership now shamelessly and completely under the dictates and command of the LTTE and its proxy parties is making every effort to disrupt civil life, create chaos, mislead the masses and rob power against the will of the people. The current composition of the Parliament itself is a mockery created by the ludicrous proportionate system which in no way represent the absolute will of the people, but a blatant negation of the people's verdict.

The power hungry UNP leader, cognizant of his inability to get duly elected through the ballot, and the LTTE which characterizes the rule of President Chandrika as a curse on the Tamils (separatist terrorists), are using all undemocratic means to topple the duly elected government. Do the UNP and the LTTE proxy parties have the people's consent to replace this government? In the last general election, voters in 109 electorates overwhelmingly elected PA against the UNP, which succeeded in getting elected only in 32 electorates.

But the horrendous proportionate system, under which many electorates are denied their rightful members while clusters of MPs are chosen from certain constituencies has completely distorted people's verdict in the allocation of seats. (For instance in Matara District, there are no MPs to represent Weligama and Akuressa electorates but Matara and Deniyaya electorates have two members each. Similarly in the Gall District there are no members to represent Karandeniya, Balapitiya, Ambalangoda and Ratgama electorates. Same inconsistency in other Districts as well. )

The major LTTE proxy TULF secured only 20% of the total JVP votes (106033 against JVP's 518774) but they have 5 MPs against JVP's 10 MPs. Further their total votes amounted to 21,830 less than the Sihala Urumaya votes, whereas Sihala Urumaya has only 1 MP but the party that received less votes has 5 MPs.

Let's see the other two proxies whom in collaboration with the UNP has submitted a No Confidence Motion. TELO which received only 26,112 votes, (20%) of the Sihala Urumaya votes has 3 MPs , and the ACTC which received similar number of votes (27,323) has 1 MP. These 3 proxies combined obtained only 159468 votes and they have 9 MPs to represent them. Is this a right representation of the will of the people? Can we allow 150,000 voters to change or topple a government elected by over 47% of the population?

If this inequity was allowed to triumph terrorist aggression militarily and the manipulation of these proxy elements politically will make this country ungovernable by any party in the future. Although the UNP
leadership is blindly pursuing terrorist intrigues due to their power hungriness, the common masses that supported the UNP are patriotic and not treacherous as the leadership.

We are heading for a crucial period in our history and it is a time to shun all political feuds, other petty
differences, and jointly rise as a single unified body and defeat the attempt of the insignificant proxy parties to destroy the legislature, and ruin this glorious nation. It is a time for religious and community
leaders to come to the forefront and save the nation.


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