Lifting Ban On Tigers Unthinkable As They Are Still A Band Of Terrorists

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Although pleonastic future representations will be made to the UNP Government by the Tamil National Alliance who are supporters of the LTTE unquestionably, it still remains an unthinkable and dangerous speculative venture in direct contradiction to the stand taken by the International Alliance Against Terrorism which has banned and proscribed the LTTE outlawing their operations, fund raising and their right to exist. Their leader and other perpetrators of LTTE attrocities are wanted by Interpol and other prominenet International Law Enforcement Agencies for high crimes and misdemeanors over decades and for their part in the destruction of human lives and public property they need no rewards nor platforms to regroup as would be the eventual outcome if the stranglehold on them which has slowed down their operations appreciably in recent times is relaxed.

Based on the jurisprudence relative to a Nation being displaced and disrupted through Internal Armed Insurrection conducted by terrorists it is the prime responsibility of the Authorities to bring those responsible to justice. An Eventuality which is both legal and justifiable in the best interests of the Nation while carefully disassociating the Tamil community per se from the terrorists regardless of their being from the same ethnic group which is most importantly a minority within the Nation whose rights have never been denied contrary to misrepresented propaganda.

Categorically, within the Democratic Sovereign Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka populated by the Sinhalese majority, the issue at hand is relatively non-complex in that it deals with a minority ethnic group attempting to create a Separate State through armed insurrection, and proven by .the many past attempts at ursurping then existing regimes vehemently opposed to their ambits and modus operandi It is not in the best interests of the Nation nor its Sovereignity to mull any existing directives and policy objectives in conjuction with the World consensus against terrorism. Their latest rhetoric includes vast contradictions whose transparencies are clearly visible

That the insurrection has progressed through decades, unquelled and unabated, is relative to a few extraneous indiscretions and lapses on the part of past Administrations whose decisions either by coercion through International Pressures or mismanagement ( with vivid recollections of memory going back to the Denzil Kobbekaduwa, Janaka Perera era offensives so influenced by spineless or undiscerning Heads of State which ever the case!! their defence chiefs! and the aborting of missions which has had dire ramifications), merely polarized the Tamil Community into believing that secession was the only way out while their expatriate counterparts globally, through massive financial support helped strengthen their resources and championed their so called freedom fighters in a futile attempt to carve out a piece of the Nation for themselves. The rest so far is history, with a few aberrations which followed.

With the dawn of a new Administration, although the post election consensus is that the voters have mandated a restoration of peace as opposed to the hardline stand of the previous regime in relentless pursuit of terrorism, it could be a misconception as the immediate needs of the country are without a doubt more aligned to consumer needs of a more mundane nature, where the terrorist issue though not completely ignored, is of a secondary nature. Furthermore past attempts at a negotiated settlement to peace have ended up in failure due to the insincerities of the terrorists who have merely utilised it to buy time and regroup while choosing their mediators such as Norway whose emissaries had definite leanings towards the terrorists, Erik Solheim being a clear example.

Unfortunately there can be no question about lifting bans or the proscription of the LTTE as requested by the Tamil National Alliance as they still represent a dangerously unpredictable terror group led by megalomaniac Prabakharan where no reference has ever been made towards a laying down of arms, denouncing their objectives towards secession or a willingness to join the mainstream Sri Lankan Society regardless of ethnicities and it would be a contradiction of the logical norm that there can be no deals with any form of terrorism.

It would be a fortuitous and courageous move by the Tamil Community and its more moderate leaders should they ever decide to denounce terrorist leader Prabakharan, align themselves with the possibility of returning to their normal lives and rejecting the need to consort with a terror group which has not only caused havoc to the Nation but projected the long drawn miseries of their own Community which they constantly blame the Sinhalese for and an idealogy which the New Administration should seriously think about promoting with no concessions nor a relaxation of of authority over any form of terrorism. A sensitive theme which may have remarkable success if delivered carefully.


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