Indecision and Rivalry among the Sinhalese Political Factions and the UNP's rebuttal.

Nandimithra JSBI for LankaWeb

Perhaps it is irony that the invitation to the UNP to join forces with the Ruling Party comes at a time when the balance of power seems to be dependant on a group of radical Islamic politicians in the guise of the proverbial 'wolf in sheep's clothing' bent on disrupting rather than rebuilding and the UNP seems to be relishing their negative response in the hope that they may stand to gain in the overall outcome.

They could be in for a surprise with this rationale and all they would probably accomplish may be the calling for another vote from the people whose mandate this time around could further weaken them as a political power or even bury them and can they really risk their political future?

. The final voice and mandate will be that of the people who have seemingly reached the end of their tether and patience and are fed up with all the bickering, mud-slinging and contradictory moves aimed at the Government which has held together regardless of these petty onslaughts and will continue to do so in retrospect taking into consideration the more sensible and supportive individuals who will join forces with the People's Alliance and their logical decision making not based on conjecture and whims! leaving aside radical religious minority politicians.

The bold clarions which ring out statements such as "the balance of power lying with a minority group" where the consensus is about equal support for the two majority Sinhalese Parties, a pathetically unacceptable interpretation, and an affirmation of their self centred ideologies which seem to have much in common with the LTTE who are hell bent on disrupting a progressive administration themselves.

A clear example of Sinhala disunity at the highest political level exposing their vulnerability to the waiting predators eager to pounce on and ravage a seemingly unassailable entity, namely the ruling Government Party.

Unless all parties with any love for the well being of their Motherland, cast aside their differences and join forces to defeat the enemy, this once beautiful land will more than likely be plunged further into turmoil and conflict as those subversive forces lurking to the North, instead of being phased out may appear larger than life to cash in on the spoils of indecision and rivalry among the Sinhalese Political factions which hopefully can be avoided with proper choices.


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