2002 Undergraduate American universities rankings
for international students

AUAP ( American Universities Admission Program releases its annual rankings of US universities (for the undergraduate level) for international students.
Those institutions are increasingly popular as 514,723 foreign (non- resident) were registered in American universities in 99/00, 249 786 (48.5%) of them were undergraduate.

1 143 students from the Sri Lanka (58.1% of their total number in US universities) were at the undergraduate level (4 year Bachelor degree).

In 99/00, 317 708 candidates worldwide took the mandatory TOEFL English language test. It is not required for those who have been taught in English.1 877 citizen from Sri lanka took this test on computer and their mean was 215 (world average 216/300).

This Undergraduate classification is the only one specifically aimed at foreign students. Its criteria are:

1) Selectivity
2) Quality of education
3) Mean test scores
4) World image (evaluated by the 25 AUAP world experts)

This year the important points are.
1) Harvard continues to dominate the field. Its rate of admissions went down to 3% for international students (11% overall)
2) The arrival in the top ten of a Liberal Art College (Middlebury). Liberal Art Colleges are smaller (1000-5000) and focused in humanities. They are very popular and prestigious in the US but only now, they start to have international recognition.
3) A new ranking for "all girl" universities. They cherish now feminism and attract many students, specially from Asia and Africa.

2002 AUAP US Universities Rankings for Foreign students (undergraduate level)

1) Harvard University (MA)
2) Columbia (NY)
3) Cornell (NY)
4) Princeton (NJ)
5) Stanford (CA)
6) MIT (MA)
7) NYU (NY)
8) Yale (CT)
9) U. of Pennsylvania (PA)
10) Middlebury (liberal art college, VT)

11) Cal Tech (CA)
12) Berkeley (CA)
13) UCLA (CA)
14) Georgetown University (DC)
15) Amherst (liberal art college, MA)
16) Boston University (MA)
17) North-Western (IL)
18) Notre Dame (IN)
19) Penn State University (PA)
20) U. of Michigan (MI)

All women institutions rankings
1) Wellesey College (MA)
2) Mont Holyoke (MA)
3) Bryn Mawr (PA)

Specialized Undergraduate Business Schools
1) Babson (MA)
2) Bentley (MA)

Undergraduate Hospitality Management undergraduate institutions
1) Cornell Hotel School (NY)
2) Johnson And Wales (RI)

This is just a snapshot of the situation. In reality, every student is different. AUAP selects, among 4 094 institutions of higher education, the four best matches possible, in accordance with the academic strength, budget, personal preferences and career goals of the student.

Your readers should also know:
-The cost is between USD $10 000 to $32 000 per year (lodging, meals, tuition include). Except for athletes, there very few financial at this level for financial aid. However AUAP had sizable successes in that matter.
-For transfer students, foreign university credits are recognized by US Universities.
-Transcripts and grades should be converted to american standards, by a recognized grade evaluator.
-Mandatory tests: SAT I & II, or ACT depending of the colleges + TOEFL for non native English speakers.
- Application files for the Ivy League and top schools should be completed by December 2001 for a September 2002 entry. Admissions are always selective and complicated. We need, to get the best result, over a year to prepare it.
-US undergraduate studies are very flexible. It is possible to choose, change or add a "major" during the first two years of studies. Law and medicine are taught at the Graduate level. Pre Law or Pre Med. Undergraduate studies are tailored for such curriculum.

AUAP (American Universities Admission Program), is the most important scholar organization that helps international students since 1995. It offers to international students 2 major programs:

-Selection Program (US $ 350) Selection of 4 Universities according to the profile. budget, personal preferences of the student.

-Selection + Guaranteed Admission Program ($2 000). A complete & comprehensive program, which on top of the above selection, books and pays for the tests, pays all application fees, translates, evaluates, does the contacts and all the necessary procedures to get the student admitted into, at least, one of the 4 Universities preselected. AUAP has a money back guarantee.

Your readers could contact us at:

American Universities Admission Program (AUAP)
Tel USA (1) 941 3461427
Fax (1) 941 349 4370
Suite 19, 5053 Ocean Blvd.
Sarasota FL 34242 USA

Thank you very much for relaying this information.
We remain at your disposal
Dr. J.N. Prade
Chairman of AUAP,
National Association of Scholars, AACRAO, NAFSA
Harvard University SICA'96
E-mail, IM(AOL-netscape) AUAP
tel (1) 941 346 1427
fax (1) 941 349 4370



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