UNP's Hatred for Women

A.A.M.NIZAM Matara.

Moral values, religious edicts and family life is anathema and an insignificant thing for the UNP which worship wealth and power alone. They use the religion only as a tool to deceive the poor for their power grabbing exercises. The utterances and the behaviour from the leader onwards to the provincial chieftains confirm that they have no regard at all for the womenfolk.

UNP's disrespect for the womenfolk is not an instantaneous thing but a principle ingrained in their political culture. The first public expression of disrespect for women by the UNP dates back to the time when late Mrs. Sirimavo Bandranaike revolutionised the world political arena by becoming the Frist Women Prime Minister of the World in 1960. Exasperated by the people's overwhelming verdict rejecting the UNP, the then chief spokesman of the Party R.Premadasa insulted her and the womenfolk by uttering the infamous statement of washing chairs monthly and earned the title of "Kanukata" .

From that day onwards UNP leadership have behaved scornfully when it comes to womenfolk as they are a superbreed who came into existence without a mother or having no sisters. When the world community adulated and admired Prime Minister Mrs. Bandaranaike for her enormous contributions to world peace and harmony, the ill-mannered UNP leadership castigated her by means of character assassination and insults.

Exhibition of their hate for womenfolk has become very vivid following H.E.President's liberation of this nation from the UNP's 17 years of reign of terror.

As long as the late Prime Minister was alive they taunted her as a greedy, incapacitated, feudal and with many more chastisements. Their culture and thinking is that women should not be allowed to play leading roles in the country and they should be confined to the kitchens and bedrooms, to content their hunger and lust.

The anger of H.E. the President leading this nation as a representative of womenfolk, which he was unable to achieve, was vented by the UNP leader himself by his infamous pledge to hand her over to his machan Prabhakaran.

The notorious gutter speeches of the Kalutara District Dentist MP, during the last general election, is well known and need no repetition. The UNP's Kandy-Colombo Eelam Yathra, and the recent demonstration premeditated to kill 100 innocent supporters, were two other occasions where the President and the womenfolk were disgraced and scandalised.

The latest and the most abhorrent is the kakkussi-kata speech made by Galle UNP MP Mr. Hemakumara Nanayakkara threatening to disenfranchise the President similar to what they did to the late Prime Minister. Expel her innocent children from this country, and more than everything and the worst ever is to strip her naked and exhibit her body to the whole country on the national TV.

One may wonder whether this MP has a mother or sisters or a wife who may approve his loathsome plan, or may volunteer to have a rehearsal.

Treating the womenfolk as an inferior species is the learning these UNP bigwigs have acquired in foreign countries and they have no guidance from the traditional values of this country. Politicians of this calibre pose a real threat to the womenfolk at a time they are fighting against the prevalent discriminations.

The need to rise against these male chauvinists is a prime and urgent requirement. Women's movements, societies, working women, housewives, and students together with religious leaders should immediately launch an islandwide agitation against these male chauvinist stance of the UNP and until the UNP and the MP concerned apologises to the President and the womenfolk for this utterly vituperative statement.


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