Pro-LTTE British MP in Sri Lanka

Barry Gardiner MP, a pro-LTTE British Labour parliamentarian is reported to be in Sri Lanka after having entered the country for political reasons, without even informing the Sri Lankan High Commission in London of his intentions.

British subjects travelling to Sri Lanka on tourism are allowed to enter the country without a visa for a period of one month. When British parliamentarians visit the country for political reasons, it is customary for them to inform the Sri Lankan High Commission in London of their visit and purpose of visit, before their departure, as it is not for tourism.

Barry Gardiner MP, is a Scotsman, who represents a Labour seat in North London with a large Sri Lankan Tamil constituency.

He has been spotted regularly on LTTE platforms in London and LTTE events, organised by front organisations and speaks sympathetically of the terrorist cause. He claims to understand the terrorist cause as he is a Scotsman and equates it to the Scottish aspiration for independence.

On January 22nd 2001, on the eve of the LTTE being listed by Britain as a terrorist organisation, Barry Gardiner MP together with a LTTE front, organised a "Peace in Sri Lanka" event at the Members of Parliament office building, Atlee Suite, Portcullis House, Westminster. The event was booked under Barry Gardiner's name.

The LTTE front was the "Confederation of Tamil Associations UK". A leading figure in the confederation is Rajasingham Jayadevan, a well known LTTE activist who was Director of and Secretary of Melrose House Publications Ltd.

Melrose Publications was a LTTE front that published the LTTE magazine "Hot Springs". Its editor S. Sivanayagam was imprisoned in India following the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.

Rajasingham Jayadevan had also been a locum co-ordinator of the Tamil refugee action Group. It is currently being investigated by the British Charity Commission for being a LTTE front and raising funds for terrorism under the guise of charity.


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