On No Confidence Motions and Suspected Spies Within Their Camp.

Suranimala JSBI for LankaWeb

Recent investigations still underway, point rather comprehensively towards the fact that Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena,UNP MP indeed was in connivance with the LTTE and to quote reliable and accepted sources such as the Northern Lions, Globscan International which is a USA based Organization and the Global Spy Magazine, "The name of Dr. Jayawardena is included in the LTTE Intelligence and Research List published in the Global Spy Magazine 2001 under the heading, 'Secrets of Spies'." end quote. This is certainly not akin to the Queen's Birthday Honours List!

The information presented by these sources point rather accurately towards Dr. Jayawardena's status as an LTTE collaborator whose Bona Fides seem un-establishable with regard to some of his recent activities, the places he has been to and the company he has been keeping all the while maintaining his staus quo as a member of Parliament.

It must be cause for great embarrassment to the UNP in total that this exposure which appears to be very plausible and accurate could be rather ambiguous and detrimental to their image at a time when they are pressing for a Vote Of No Confidence against the Government of The Hon. Mrs. Chandrika Kumaratunga which in their own interests should be withdrawn.

Mr. Randal Bundy, Chairman of Globscan International in his presentation 'Secrets of Spies' has conducted a rather comprehensive and explosive survey has asked Dr. Jayawardena almost unanswerable questions, unanswerable as they point directly towards the suspicions of his being an LTTE Sympathiser if not a Spy per se!

To further confirm these suspicions it maybe noteworthy of mention that Dr. Jayawardena has been involved with:

1. the Australian Human Rights Foundation- a known front for fundraising and support for the LTTE, and run by pro Tamil expatriates with direct links to Velupillai Prabhakaran the LTTE Leader.

2.Unrequested travel to foreign countries without Governmental approval to participate in events organized by the enemies of Sri Lanka which were given the go ahead by Ranil Wickremasingha the UNP Leader who even approved scripts of his intended speeches in Dr. Jayawardena's own words. and at this stage could be politely deemed an 'unintentional' collaboration!

3.Participation in the International Conference of Tamil Nationhood in Ottawa Canada,1998 where the theme distinctly represented the dividing of the Nation of Sri Lanka.The Jathyanthara Sinha Balawegaya's (JSBI) through its Canadian Link has obtained information about the nature, objectives and end result of this conference against which representations were made to the Canadian Government in protest by a large number of Sri Lankan Canadians.

4.His partisan views on the alleged dissapearances, rapes and extra judicial killings supposedly inflicted on the Tamil Community by the Security Forces with no mention nor acknowledgement of the horrendous brutalities of the LTTE which included strapping of explosives to the bodies of innocent child recruits and ruthless executions of captured military personnel,gang rapes of village women, crimes against humanity and a Sovereign Nation and much more of which the entire world is aware of.

The Consensus seems almost conclusive and about to be proven that the UNP has a 'Spy Within Their Camp' regardless of whether he is an elected MP or an appointee and may further confirm previous links with the LTTE going back in time, hithero unproven and in the face of all this, is there a justification for a Vote of No Confidence regardless of its outcome, against a Magnanimous Government who has even invited the UNP's participation in creating a Government of National Unity, whose resolve is to restore Sri Lanka to a degree of normalcy for all its citizens?.

Can the UNP really justify and maintain a bold exterior when their inner core seems to be falling apart at the seams? Especially with the irresponsible conduct of certain caucas members such as Dr. Jayawardena! who has made his allegiances and sympathies rather obvious, while contradicting himself in hindsight!!


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