Ellalan and LTTE Where Did They Learn The Basics Of Democracy?

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Having made a mockery thus far of humanity in general, the dastardly forces of the LTTE and Ellalan have now reached beyond the parameters of Democracy in issuing bold threats to Tamil and other voters in the Northern and Eastern Provinces in a rather ignorant proclamation of consequences if the votes were not cast to suit their requirements and their favoured candidates elected to Parliament.

Unfortunately that is not the manner in which Universal Franchise works in a Democratic State and in any case their entitlements to dictate the direction of the General Election are non existent together with their right to exist at all, as groups of internationally identified terrorists and their supporters whose organised crime techniques appeared to work for them in the interim but now in disarray as the Superpowers of the entire world are scrutinising them very closely, cutting off their finances and arms supplies in the drive to eliminate them.

Somehow the idea that they control and dictate Sri Lanka's destiny appears to be falsely embedded in their limited idealogies and rationale which could project them towards annihilation far sooner than expected as they appear to be on a collision course with disaster almost in retribution for all the disasters they have caused.

The onetime vicious Tigers are fast becoming toothless and the hunters are being hunted down with a vengeance and yet their threatening rumblings and growls are still being dispersed in what they beleive are their confines adding to the dubiousness of their intentions.

The freedom of the voter is an unassailable entity in a Democracy and any attempts by the LTTE and Ellalan to pre-empt it through intimidation is foolhardy and depicts them in very poor light where their frustrations and fears are beginning to surface and their credibility as liberators of an ethnic group questionable as always.

Despite their reluctance to admit it, there are many within their own community who denounce their actions of violence and destruction and want no part of it, yet coerced by death threats and the other modus operandi of the LTTE and Ellalan which is a hallmark of their terrorist ambit, many timid individuals whose rights in reality need to be asserted and defined, comply with their wishes in fear for their lives.

This certainly has to be an area with a distinct felt need for justice and the LTTE and Ellalan has to be thwarted decisively from interfering in the forthcoming General Elections just as much as the threats by Ellalan to lace the Nations Tea Industry with Cyanide in 1996-7 were overcome effectively which has parallel connotations though with greater intensity.

The key towards safeguarding the interests of the voters in the North and East probably is in monitoring any form of intimidation through false propaganda and threats and countering with assurances of safety and implementing the stringent laws governing a General Election.

Foreign monitoring of the Elections could probably be a deterrent for corrupt electoral practices as well as intimidation by various thugs whether they are from the LTTE or the Opposition Parties.

The Alliance of defectors and disgruntled minority groups are now beginning to question the Goverment's Election Manifesto and possible malpractices on the Government's part and thereby prejudice voters though it has a hollow ring to it with nothing to substantiate it hence the need for an impartial independent monitor.

If a lesson about the Democratic Rights of Voters is required to convince anyone that it is a legal right that cannot be ursurped by intimidation, the Ellalan Force and the LTTE should surely be the first in line for it as they seem to have taken a course of actions which contradicts the very Institution of Democracy, Universal Voting Rights and what they stand for.


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