Whither Goest Sri Lankan Cricket Hence?

The Seeing Eye For Sightscreens Unlimited Writing to LankaWeb.

A sad and humiliating day for Sri Lankan Cricket albeit the finger pointing at umpires, match referees and the peers, the bottom line is: "With Bat and Ball Which Says It's All and Just a Touch Of Brains, Our Boys At Best, Did Scarce Perform and Only Gloom Remains" We have just witnessed the ignominy of a humiliation at the hands of a team which should have been thrashed and sent packing to where they came from which was reversed in retrospect to all the 'huffing and puffing ' our cricketing gurus indulged in prior to the series.
There are even some who wonder whether the Sri Lankans are better equipped to play the shorter game only! a question asked and discussed in undertones by certain higher ups with direct links to the ICC but this too, questionable, based on their apathetic performance at the Last World Cup, held coincidentally in England, So do the Brits have a stifling influence on the Lankans to the point where they freeze and crumble?

Extremely doubtful, considering the wealth of talent and the quality of coaching available, so where does the answer lie? One can only think of the motivation and drive the team needs at its helm where very reluctantly it has to be said, almost apologetically, with great respect to Sanath Jayasuriya as a wonderful human being and individually brilliant cricketer that Arjuna Ranatunga is numbingly missed at the time of this mind boggling crisis.Decision making and captaincy go hand in hand with the ultimate victory!!

Despite a team sparkling with a noble metallic aura, devoid of required motivation,drive and leadership the glitter soon fades and the team begins to stumble, a fact proved by Brian Lara and his West Indians, Sachin Tendulkar while captaining the Indians,Ian Johnson and his Aussies going back in time etc. so , this surely must be the right time to reconsider many factors as the need to revamp has never been greater.Where is the 'fighting spirit of the Lion', the Lankans are famed for,could they not see the Mighty Aussies humbled and brought to their cricketing knees a few days ago by lowly India( lowly ony in the eyes of the odds makers of course!) and don't their adoring fans who pack the Stadiums to capacity, who spend their hard earned rupees and end up hoarse with their cheering, deserve better?. Is this poetic justice for the untimely exits of Roshan Mahanama, Asanka Gurusinghe, Hashan Tillekeratna and most importantly Arjuna Ranatunga who were literally forced into retirement with the exception of Tillekeratna? A pont to ponder upon but probably will be easily pre-empted with the argument that Sri Lanka should team build with young blood rather than go with the 'veterans' a point well taken.

Where does the team go from here? Straight to the ODIs to try and salvage some lost pride and back to the inevitable drawing boards to restructure the team as there seem to be serious repairs impending and many serious forthcoming games to play. "All is not lost, Boys! the Heart Warming Sun Still Rises, the Fair Winds Blow Across This Beautiful Cricket Crazy Isle of Ours, the Wickets are Beautiful to Bat or Bowl on and the Deafenning Cheers Will Spur You On to the Next Victoy! Do not Lose Heart!".



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