A Definiton of What's Illegal, Unconstitutional and Impeachable

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If anything is deemable as Illegal, Impeachable and Unconstitutional, they are the very recent actions of the Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremasinghe who, together with his brigands has forcibly entered a prorogued and sealed off Parliament under a Presidential Decree after hours of wrecking and dismantling legally erected barricades at the taxpayer's expense with no mandate from the People nor the jurisdiction to do so.Actions of Grave Provocation against a Democratically Elected Goverment whose patience must surely be wearing thin!!

The Opposition Leader is now 'treading on thin ice' all things considered, including his track record, clandestine consultations with the LTTE and allegations of his collaborations with the then existing UNP administrations of the Jayawardena and Premadasa Eras for strong armed attrocities against
civilians still under investigation.His actions could probably be categorized not only as illegal, impeachable and unconstitutional but also indictable under the Justice System and existing Laws of the Land.

To reiterate once more: the term "Impeach the President" is being used loosely and totally out of context, is inapplicable and somewhat ludicurous as Her Excellency the President is well within her Jurisdiction and Mandate through the Powers vested in her via the Constitution to prorogue Parliament
regardless of the Hue and Cry of the UNP and its cronies whose only motivation is to try and wrest power in a misguided conception of their ability to do so.They do not appear to be contending with the Mandate of the People nor the Legality of the Presidential Decree and may be heading towards punitive action which the Government may well initiate to quell them if there is no alternative.

The term Impeachment refers to a Parliamentary Legal Action taken with a specified majority vote and imposed on persons in authority or high office for a breach of Constitutional Statutes, crimes commited against the State, or with grave character flaws and someone indulging in misconduct detrimental to the State and its Justice System which then categorizes them as unfit to carry out their duties and warrants Impeachment.Her Excellency the President DOES NOT FALL INTO THIS CATEGORY although the credentials of the Leader of the Opposition seem rather dubious, relative to these definitions based on his recent actions and high handed outcries amounting to incitement and anarchy causing unrest within the country for which the penalties could be severe under existing laws!

Perhaps it would be in the best interests of the Opposition Groups trying to achieve the impossible with their futile acts of desperation to pause in wisdom and think about the merits of National Unity and how it would greatly benefit the future of this great Nation of ours and join hands with the
Government rather than oppose it.There is hope for a United Sri Lanka, free of strife where all nationalities would co-exist in peace and harmony with support towards this cause and has been the Only Vision of our Gracious Leadership and the present actions of the Opposition would merely slow it down.

There is nothing deemable as Illegal, Impeachable or Unconstitutional in Her Excellency the President's Actions!


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