Political morass and the salvation

A.A.M. NIZAM Matara

From 1948 to 1977 we had politicians, many of them (not all) were unselfish and had the interest of the country dear to their hearts above party, caste, creed or ethnicity. All these noble traits begun to diminish and disappear with the institution of the so-called (un)just society in which the government departments, corporations, and State institutions were politicised by JSS Goonda invasions and the political system was digressed towards creating a unipolar autocracy.

This exercise gave birth to a new political culture where politicians assumed the superfluous role of sovereignty and the people were forcibly reneged to servitude.

This gruesome departure of noble political values from our politicians encouraged by draconian autocratic laws, made them perfidious and treacherous to national exigencies and blindly and loathsomely glued to selfish and parochial interests.

UNP leadership's failure and inability to stand against and condemn terrorist atrocities aimed at systematic destruction of this nation, and discarded politico Rauf Hakeem's unsuccessful attempts to pawn the Muslim community for his selfish ransom demands are some of the ensamples of these hapless aberrations.

The President is a politician who had suffered most by the political degeneration that obsessed this nation. She was widowed and forced to live exile by the post-77 political culture. Her life was narrowly saved causing visual disability in one eye, by the assassination attempt launched by the terrorists.

For the politically bankrupt Opposition her womanhood and the eye injury were object of humiliation and propaganda stunt. But for the majority of the people she stood as the saviour, and as a result the nation had reposed trust in her in ten continuous elections of which two were her own election as President of this nation.

The people's mandate has empowered her to rule this nation till the end of 2005. Despite such a legitimate authority, the speech delivered by her announcing that she is prepared to give up the Presidency in 30 days if the politicians can arrive at a workable solution to take this country forward and out of the current morass of confusion and instability is indeed laudable.It is an honest exposition of her Statesmanship.

Addressing the business leaders she has emphasised the need to work for national interest and had regrettably disclosed that three UNP groups met her recently and they were only interested in portfolios but were continually and constantly changing their position at each discussion.

She has urged the business leaders to persuade the UNP leadership to trek the path of consensual politics instead of confrontational politics.

The UNP leader addressing a meeting in Matara recently declared the willingness to provide the two thirds majority required for constitutional changes.

Let us forget all his past dishonesty and deception. Let him prove at least at this hour of crisis that he is true to his words and has national interest over petty politics, and greed for power, and he has not become a trustworthy puppet of the terrorists.


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