Sharjah losses must be accounted for but how?

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The three losses suffered by the Lankans at the hands of the Pakistanis and the New Zealanders at the Sharjah Cup Cricket Tournament leaves many unanswered question, some of which may prove to be embarrassing to both coaching staff and the leadership albeit bad umpiring decisions and a lacksadaisical approach involving irresponsible batting and wretched running between wickets, Arjuna Ranatunga "Eat Your Heart Out" for all those arrogant walks on the second run which frustated the best of them!
One could surmise that the loss to New Zealand had no bearing on who would play in the final although if the loss was due to indifference based on Sri Lanka already having qualified for Fridays final it still remains a psychological defeat, not all that good for morale and certainly no way to take a much earned break by relaxing to the point of defeat!.
If the leadership was to be questioned,the most important pointers would be: the lack of form
at the helm despite a record breaking ton by the noble Lankan Skipper and the multi-faceted bowling changes where almost all but the custodian have had a go with the leather with due respect to the wicket being a batsmans paradise and does this indicate a certain lack of intensity and forcefulness needed to win matches regardless of their status? in which case it has to be remedied before the final.
The constant re-shuffling of the batting order seems to suggest some confusion at the top regardless of it being an indication that research is being done in that area and that Sri Lanka is still searching deep for that magical opening pair with fond memories of the explosive days of the Jayasuriya-Kaluwitharne combination. Kumar Sangakkara despite his elegance seems ineffective with the bat unless he keeps wickets first and the logical alternative becomes more than obvious but can Kaluwitharne's prowess behind the stumps be sacrificed in addition to his batting skills? Not a feasible option at all.
Sri Lanka seems to have revealed a chink in their armour as the Post Arjuna Ranatunga Era progresses, their indecisiveness and a sudden loss of the killer instinct so prevalent during the Ranatunga Glory days and a certain resignation that world class batsmen are beginning to be able to unravel the Muralitharan Mystique, a myth propagated by the British Media, proven a mere myth by the recent signing of Murali for the forthcoming County Season by Lancashire, that most prestigious of English Counties.
So the 'Boys' have a task ahead of them going into the Sharjah Cup Final, to confound all their critics,by being relentlessly focussed on a resounding victory over Pakistan as they certainly have the firepower and talent and it is hoped and wished for that Sanath Jayasuriya will be ably assisted by the rest of the once exciting Sri Lankan Team and not by the 'Law Of Averages',casting aside inhibitions in bringing home the Cup,its rewards and the accolades that come with it, while restoring Sri Lankan Cricketing Pride to where it belongs! At The Top!!


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