On the UNP's threatened vote of No Confidence

Nandimithra For LankaWeb

According to the Indian News Report of 123 India on the 17th May, the UNP has threatened to call a vote of no confidence against the PA based on the $235 Million USD loan granted to the Government towards re-building foreign reserves and once again the UNP seems to be heading in a direction of policy motivated purely towards their political gain and not the better interests of the Nation.

If they were to look at the long term benefits of the program, the nominal increases in taxes,wage freezing and how it may affect the consumer market has to be endured in the interim bearing in mind that it has been the internal armed insurrection and the wanton destruction to the economy and the country's development brought on by a conscienceless terrorist group which has been the main reason for this move and rather than disrupt the Government's objective the UNP should be supportive of it.

The fact that the IMF has aproved this loan should be reason enough to accept it as a necessity which should be condoned rather than condemned but then again, when did any opposition Political Group ever accept any viable progressive measure taken by the Government or closely scrutinize its semantics?, as all they have ever done is 'throw wrenches in the works' and it seems to be an sad idealogy deemed justifiable for their existence only, on a 'Dog Eat Dog' basis which only causes further complications to an already complicated situation.

As to whether they will acheive their objective though, is questionable and speculative at this stage. The UNP have had their chances over decades of squandered periods when they held the reins to prove their mettle and the rift between the 'haves' and the 'havenots'only widened and in the end it has been the mandate of the people which has been the ultimate decider towards progress which has been accomplished in fair measure by the PA in the face of tumultuous odds.

That they are trying to regain the confidence of the Nation through Universal Franchise is acceptable but how they are trying to accomplish it (by undermining the Government at a time of dire need for unity)is not.

It is fast becoming a reality that the only way to overcome the enemy and rebuild our great Nation is with unity, at least among the Sinhalese Political Groups at the helm, as a strong threat to disrupt is fast approaching from the Muslim Sector as well which must be quelled while hearing out their grievances which are no different from the rest of the Nation.

A Nation divided cannot survive, especially if the division is among the majority as then, the 'hyenas' on the outside, ever ready to be opportunistic would certainly 'cash in'. Then the fabric of the Nations integrity would be in great danger of being torn apart and must be held together spearheaded by the Sinhalese and all others who stand for unity.

There has to be a great symbolism in the interpretation of the definition of UNP as being the United National Party, united and bonded not only amongst themselves, but also with the rest of the country together with the PA, Sihala Urumaya and JVP in collaboration with the other ethnic groups represented in Parliament.

Would this be too much to ask for? And would it not be a Force To Reckon With?


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