Cut Out The Meaningless Rhetoric, Implement The Laws and Save Humanity.

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In theory, the many proscriptions, banning and outlawing of world terror groups sound awe inspiring but they fall short of being effective as they are hardly ever implemented and remain ratified legislation on paper only. In short, the terrorist organizations banned in various countries around the world still operate efficiently enough to be able to carry out the monstrosities which shocked the world recently and do so almost at will, and its about time the authorities went into high gear and tightened the dragnet to choke out the global terrorist threat whether it be the Islamic Jihads, Basque Separatists, the LTTE, The IRA, El Quaid the Hamas and the rest of them, scattered around the world as a motley bunch of apathetic dissenters still capable of instilling havoc in the civilised world. The International Alliance Against Terrorism has come of age hopefully!

The Canadian Liberals in Parliament Sessions currently underway were almost embarrassed to the point of blunt denials and refusals disclaiming responsibility to harboring terrorists on questions asked by the Opposition. The US Government also insists that some of the terrorists involved in the WTC and Pentagon attacks were based in Canada before crossing over to the USA. The Leader of the Opposition Mr. Stockwell Day was vehement together with many others in their finger pointing at the nonchalance and brashness of the Liberal's response led by the Hon. Jean Chretien which also included in their rank and file Mr. Paul Martin and Ms. Maria Minna both cabinet member who have been accused of being supportive of organizations fronting the LTTE by attending their functions and protesting their innocence with cries of "Racism" and in the interim the common knowledge that Canada is guilty of tolerating with no punitive action these terror fronts, and was propagated in parliament amidst standing ovations to the Opposition Leader.

Ironically Mr. Joe Clark the conservative Leader outspoken in his views on terrorism at this session was the Prime Minister in office succeeded by Mr. Brian Mulroney collectively responsible for creating easy entry corridors to the many refugees entering Canada with little or no background checks paving the way for many undesirables and known criminals to slip into the country, many of whom have now banded together as the world's largest terrorist fund raising group of today in Canada channeling in the area of US$30 million to the LTTE operations in Sri Lanka according to recent estimates.

Likewise, South of the Border in the USA, The President Mr. George W. Bush seemingly astute in his resolve to bring to justice all terrorists and specifically the recent attackers, sounds rather mediocre in all his jargon cross referencing Wild West Wanted Dead or Alive Posters etc. as he too is probably responsible for the halfhearted security and poor preventive action against terrorism by his policy changes and opposition to strict anti-terrorist laws proposed by the previous regime of Bill Clinton but never implemented. Mr. Clinton specifically outlined Osama bin Laden for his notoriety, with great insight and vision and his stand on anti-terrorism globally was mistakenly refuted by the Bush Administration which followed and with dire consequences as the world is now painfully becoming aware of.

The Club of Anti-Terrorist Warrior Leaders of the International Alliance Against Terrorism inaugurated by the USA has also been joined by the charismatic Mr. Tony Blair with a a no nonsense type approach in his assessment and proposed remedies for terrorism although the clandestine activities of Anton Balasinghams and co. (now gone underground in Britain but nevertheless still in existence) continue in Britain in collaboration with covert global branch operations and needs to be dealt tough with through his actions in implementing proscriptions and bans on terrorists within his country notwithstanding the IRA whose two faced mentality is also a cause for concern, Monsieur Jacques Chirrac of France who needs to put his money where his mouth is, and must account for the many faux pas' and lapses in tolerating the growth of terrorist groups in France together with his mentors where a 'blind eye' based on policy once again pre-empted the need to take a closer look at the goings on in France going back decades.

Vladimir Putin a relatively unknown source who looks good on paper but as yet unable to deal with the terrorist threat of the Chechin rebels attempting another crack at Afghanistan in the aftermath of the previously botched war which gave Osama bin Laden his credentials, China whose leadership seems rather wary and hesitant to plunge into military support considering reprisals from northern Muslims, South Korea whose pledges seem sincere yet fluid and Pakistan surely the positive catalyst whose support will be a key to defusing the Taliban's stand against the USA and India supportive in theory but with restrictions based on Pakistan's role though India with her own problems with Sikh terrorism and LTTE forays in the past has to justify involvement in the International Alliance Against Terrorism whose effectiveness now has to be proven through decisive action ! carefully planned with nominal to zero error margins and the favourable end result, the eradication of Global Terrorism and with it, the LTTE !

The recent Sri Lankan Presidential address has accurately evaluated the rhetoric being thrown around by the Superpowers as being of a double standard and meaningless if unimplemented and how right she is! Sri Lanka has waited for decades in the hope of an International Alliance Against Terrorism, paying a heavy price with a colossal loss of lives and insurmountable damage to the economy together with all other affected regions of the world and this time around the I.A.A.T. had better deliver to wipe out terrorism!!! Humanity needs to be saved !!


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