Britain's Reluctance To Proscribe The LTTE

By Suranimala, JSBC. Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver,Los Angeles. for LankaWeb

As the world sees it, in particular the International Community and expatriate Sri Lankans with concerns for the future of Sri Lanka and Her Sovereignity, unless Britain, together with the rest of the countries which already have made the committment, proscribes the LTTE as a terrorist organization, it would certainly be interpreted as an apathetic circumvention of the International Slogans and Banners they have carried in the past to justify their continued existence and turn a blind eye to their activities so detrimental to the well being of a Sovereign Nation, in this case Sri Lanka, by being somewhat circumspect and self-righteous.

Warning Bells have already sounded from the US and NATO Countries that the impending threat of the LTTE expanding their activities in Europe is very real, given the fact that they exist and are tolerated by Britain and Norway and there may be a heavy price to pay should these warnings go unheeded.

A blatant cynicism has been offered by a few so called 'intellectuals' who have recently aired their views on the subject who seem to beleive that by non- proscription of the LTTE it would be easier to acheive a negotiated settlement although the logic behind this reasoning is rather hard to comprehend given the track record of the LTTE,who are probably tring to buy time.

Should Britain adopt a policy of non-proscription they would be joining hands with Canada which is presently embroiled in controversy and embarrasment as a result of their tolerance of LTTE Operations in that part of the world and nothing short of being a shameful double standard involving hastily devised attempts by the administration at covering with rather weak-kneed excuses even when confronted by an angry opposition in the Canadian Parliament in the not too distant past.

Is there a catch to all this? and are there parties in Britain and other parts of the world with vested interests and controlling rights who stand to gain by non-proscription? Who are smooth faced in public affairs, carry a super personality but are rather two faced and tentative in their decision making when Nations are being torn apart and greater implications looming ominously over the horizon? Questions which will be answered in time, but when the final chapter of this saga is written,the powers that be should ready themselves for the 'Sword of Damoclese' hanging over their heads as it may descend all too swiftly to atone for all the destruction and loss of life their decisions may have resulted in due perhaps to errors of judgement or apathetic inconsiderations.The writing seems to be on the wall!


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