Suddenly !Major General Janaka Perera is a War Criminal?

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The current lobby by the Tamils in Australia that Major General Janaka Perera is a 'war criminal' seems to be a ludicrous 'Set Up' instigated by the cohorts of the LTTE and voiced by their supportive following with no real evidence to substantiate their claims.

If any one fits the bill it has to be LTTE leader Prabhakaran who together with his band of terrorists have committed proven, blatant atrocities involving torture, rape, the assassinations, disappearances of prominent individuals both in office and the general public combined with the wanton destruction of Public Property amounting to crimes against a Sovereign Nation and Humanity and merits the title, deeming it necessary that he be tried and convicted as a war criminal.

Needless to say, Major General Perera was a relentless Military Leader who executed his military duties with precision and attacked the enemy, decimating them while consolidating the City of Jaffna and other related operations and while withstanding the onslaughts of the LTTE at their worst, instilling fear and hatred into their rank and file and it is not surprising that they in retaliation for their humiliating defeats at the hands of Major General Perera are now accusing him of War Crimes!! A Fact which needs to be proven with substantial evidence to back their claims, not through conjecture and speculation based on hearsay or false evidence provided by perjurious individuals whose credibility is worthless in the eyes of the Justice System.

The Human Rights Commission with Mr. Godfrey Gunatilleke as spokesperson has quite rightly stated that all allegations against Major General Janaka Perera will be investigated given proper evidence to back the claims of the accusers. It is hoped that the Human Rights Commission will conduct investigations into the many LTTE atrocities as well, specifically those initiated by Prabhakaran and Balasingham the so-called 'think tank' of the LTTE.

The Australian Government while shrugging aside these accusations has warmly welcomed Major General Perera's appointment as High Commissioner to Australia while Major General Perera himself has expressed his surprise and acknowledged the baselessness of these accusations. He should have no difficulty in accepting his role despite the Tamil Lobby but it may be to the chagrin of the LTTE and its supporters should his appointment be reversed by the Government and he is re-assigned the role of Military Leader an issue supported by a vast majority of Sri Lankans who believe in the efficiency of Major General Perera, his sense of integrity, impartiality and loyalty to his Country.


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