JR's absurd Constitution

A.A.M.NIZAM Matara.

Sri Lanka's disdainful Charlatan politician JR who grabbed power in 1977 by deceiving the electorate with fabulous promises (8 kgs of cereal per week, elimination of unemployment, eradication of poverty, establishment of just society) committed the worst crimes against the society and the nation. Paying lip service to democracy he took every step to drive the nation into the doom of anarchy, insecurity and instability, with the help of his absurd constitution, aptly termed by the President as the "bahubootha vyawasthawa".

The controversial 1978 Constitution was imposed unilaterally without any consultation with the people. JR boasted that this Constitution disallows him only to change a man to woman and vice-versa. This absurd Constitution helped him to enforce the following major incongruous, repressive and reactionary measures among other draconian laws. People were denied the right to elect their rightful representatives in 1982 and through a fraudulent immensely rigged referendum the term of the Parliament was extended for another term.

The nation was capitulated to Indian dictates and regulations were introduced to validate the provincial council system. Neither the public nor even the Prime Minister or the National Security Minister was consulted. Public discontent was arrogantly ignored with repression and assaults. North and East were merged at the instigation of the Indians and the terrorists, totally disregarding the subjugation and unjust that caused to the Sinhala and Muslim population, who overnight became an inconsequential minority.

Ministers and MPs were made mere robots by compelling them to tender undated resignation letters so that he could with the powers of the absurd constitution dismiss them without any notice. The horrendous proportional representation system was introduced so that this country could never have a stable government and the major parties will always be bound to the whims and fancies of the insignificant political groups or gangs.

As a result of this, President Premadasa capitulated to the dictates of Mr. Thondaman and the political minion Rauf Hakeem was attempting to hold this government to ransom to satiate his parochial needs. The worst calamity was the move initiated by the nine MPs of terrorist proxies, elected by only a mere 150,000 voters, to topple the government elected by more than 2/3 of the electorates, and help the power hungry UNP to unleash chaos in the country.

The avaricious UNP leadership critical of President Chandrika's proroguing of parliament undertaken purely and rightfully to safeguard the sovereignty and will of the people, was not only dumb but was also cheek by jowl with Premadasa when he prorogued the Parliament in the face of an impeachment motion against him.

Even the Deputy leader of the UNP Mr. Karu Jayasuriya, in an interview on Sirasa TV Thursday 12th July admitted the present constitution was not suitable and 99% of the people want a change of Constitution. The prudent action taken by the President saved the nation and people, and defeated the evil design of the UNP leadership to bring lorry loads of people to Colombo and occasion a blood bath, in the Indonesian or Philippine style.

All peace loving, patriotic and sagacious people should join hands to free this nation from political ransom, improper and unjust electoral representation, and pave the way for enactment of laws for stable and good governance. Our firm determined and united action in this direction will only usher in a society in which future generations could live in peace and harmony and once again this country could be transformed to its pristine purity.


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