Another bad start by an elite lineup! What's going on?

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To add to my previous comments on the performances of our cricketers in South Africa much to the chagrin of those who disagree with me,when taking into consideration the calibre of the team, there are no excuses whatsoever, whether it be poor leadership,doctored wickets,foreign crowds or the like and poor Dav Whatmore who has done so much to re- elevate the team since the last world cup must surely be in a quandry.

Undoubtedly, cricket is a game of chance to a degree but there are many predictable factors such as the performing capabilities of brilliant players such as Aravinda, Sanath,Romesh, Marvan and the wealth of talented youngblood who were selected purely on merit with the exception of Chaminda and Muttiah who are missing this game through injury and there too the significance of how much the team depends on them is pretty obvious.

The bone of contention is, that if South Africa can perform brilliantly, the Sri Lankans should be able to improve on their briliance but sadly have slacked again. It could not possibly be due to lack of inspiration,motivation or morale although the psychological disadvantage of an impending whitewash must weigh on their minds plus the absence of Chaminda and Murali but where is that fighting spirit?

Should this not be a time when they should combine to pull this one out of the fire?

It isn't over until it's over but objectively one must surmise that a sense of resignation and negative demeanour has certainly set in and the world of Lankans who love and support their team continues to suffer the agonies of their beloved team's demise.

This final Test if any, should be pulled out of the fire and our prayers go out to that resolve.



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