So! What's Keeping You, United Kingdom?

By Nandimithra for LankaWeb

The United Kingdom, Great Britain or England, call it whatever you like, owes the world and its former Colonies a huge favour and would be best reciprocated by outlawing terrorism at any level.The Hon.Mr.Blair and his fellow administrators should "put their money where their mouths are" and help make the world a safer place to live in so what's keeping them from proscribing the LTTE together with the rest of the named Terrorist Organizations who have caused so much havoc?

Sri Lanka has been short ended by Her former Colonial Power in more ways than one, going back to the days when the Island nation was called Ceylon. Buddhist Temples were ransacked by indiscriminate Governers, H.C.P.Bell being a notorious stand out and even the treasures of the then reigning Monarch were shipped to England in a high handed manner of(mis) appropriation. Ronald Knox the famous British historian once refered to the 'Cinghalese'(an archaic spelling for Sinhalese) in his famous Historical Journal as 'murderous, bloodthirsty savages', and used various other analogies to denigrate the inhabitants of the land so it is little wonder that in the 21st Century too the Brits seem to be maintaining the same status quo which not only seems apathetic but carries an air of arrogance. By denying the proscription of the LTTE which seems so urgently necessary for the resolution of Sri Lanka's problems, Britain has not only turned a blind eye to the issue but has also asserted subtly their reluctance to view the issue from a realistic angle and this after being on the Same Platform Denouncing International Terrorism together with the USA very recently.

And who stands to gain from all this? the LTTE of course! who are cornered and being systematically dealt with.Their pleas that the Sri Lankan Peace Process being championed by Norway would be hampered, should they be proscribed is a mere tactic and a ploy for their survival and continuity but our "Famous British Benefactors' do not seem to realise the dangers of letting the LTTE off the hook.If the argument against proscription is relative to a comparative analyses of their problems with the Irish Republican Army it is a very lacksadaisical one. Territorial Sovereignity based on Religion is a far cry from Terrorism based on ethnic hatred and bloodlust.The IRA did not deliberately massacre innocent civilians or wantonly destroy public property even though they could have and nor do they wear cyanide capsules round their necks and there the equation becomes lopsided although their actions could never be condoned by peace loving people.

Britain has one choice if they are to maintain their righteous image while contributing towards wiping out International Terrorism and primarily the proscription being demanded has to be acceded.


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