Religious Leaders latest attempts at negotiation.

By Nandimithra for LankaWeb

The latest delegation of religious leaders after their efforts to negotiate with the LTTE in the North have returned to Colombo with an Olive Branch and statements from the LTTE Leadership that they the LTTE, are no longer interested in a Separate State, would like to promote intermingling between the Sinhalese and Tamil Populace with invitations to reside in the North and would like free access for Tamil People to the South and all parts of the Island and a right to live their lives normally as a part of the Sri Lankan mainstream.With the exception of the invitation for the Sinhalese to reside in the North, the rest of the concessions listed in their statement of requests already exist and have never been taken away from them and lends no credibility to their statements.

As far as the cessation of aggression by the Armed Forces against them in the present offensives, the LTTE certainly have not indicated a willingness to lay down their arms, be contrite and penitent for the tumultuous attrocoties committed against State and Humanity a fact proved by the huge consignment of arms recently intercepted and destroyed by the Navy and the Olive Branch and White Flags being waved must surely be intended to save their hides only.Can their ploys and innuendos be accepted with their past track record at master trickery without risk of further grief regardless of the go betweens, whether it be religious leaders, Norwegian Emissaries and the like ? Probably unlikely as the country has far too much to lose in the event of the regrouping of the LTTE which would be tantamount to a miscalculated risk!!

The assurances must be of a firmly plausible nature rather than rhetorical dialogue, A Signed Treaty To Lay Down Arms and a cessation of hostilities, be subject to a fair trial for Crimes Against Humanity and a denouncement of their present objectives strong enough to convince the International Community and the Peace Loving World at large and most importantly the Sri Lankan People who it is hoped will never be caught off guard ever again!!


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