Is the World reading this correctly about the LTTE ban being lifted.

Nandimithra - JSBI, Toronto, Montreal,Vancouver, Ottawa and Los Angeles for LankaWeb

Hopefully it is a baseless rumor that the Government of Sri Lanka who campaigned with great intensity for the banning and proscription of the LTTE succesfully and achieved a positive response Internationally will not entertain the unthinkable and lift even temporarily, the ban on the LTTE regardless of the LTTE's demand for such a condition in order to hold peace talks knowing fully well the risks involved based on the unpredictability of the entity concerned and their rabid dog mentality.

The banner for unconditional peace talks should be high flying and be the order of the day, at least to uphold with gratitude, the banning and proscription of the LTTE by all the countries who signed and ratified it in response to Sri Lanka's request as otherwise it would seem to be an affront and a total disregard for the magnanimous response shown by all the countries which rallied to the cause and responded to Sri Lanka's call and it is the fervent hope of many in the International Community of Sri Lankans abroad that regardless of Erik Solheim and his Norwegian Brigade supportive of the LTTE rather than the Government of Sri Lanka, that the wishes of the LTTE to lift the ban in order to continue the peace initiative will not be heeded, leaving many heavy hearted patriotic Lankans wondering about the logic of it all and speculating on who is playing into whose hands?.

With due respect to the Administration, if such a move is being contemplated, whose intricacies cannot be interpreted by the average lay person by way of its classified nature, it should be of paramount importance that those who collaborated in banning and proscribing the LTTE together with the Government, be consulted and involved in a close dialoge and a collective opinion taken rather than a unilateral decision in hindsight, due to the seriousness of the high risk issue involving the provision of free passage and a green light to undeserving perpetrators of tumultuous attrocities against a Sovereign Nation.


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