The Wake Up Calls must be heeded and Security Tightened.

Gotabhaya-Lions Of The South (L.O.T.S.)

Perhaps planned Opposition demonstrations are a cover for the LTTE to move into the City as was the case coincidentally, prior to the Airport and Air Base attacks by the!. Intelligence Sources have revealed a threat to TV, Radio Broadcasting and Power Facilities subsequent to another planned infiltration by the LTTE who are capable of the worst and this time around

Attack has to be the best form of Defence and the element of surprise should now rest with the Security Forces under a stringent Military leadership of a military background and finesse and not by non-military appointees and armchair strategists whose theories have often backfired on them.

The recent 'Wake Up Calls' by Prof.Rohan Guneratne and the 'Blueprint' entitled 'Mea Culpa'posted by Serendib ( currently on LanakaWeb)contain excellent guidelines for this very purpose of securing losses and compensating for past infiltrations by the LTTE and should not go unheeded albeit certain hardline accusations at lapses by the Authority which appeared to be of a glaringly transparent nature but must be faced upto and accepted at least for the sake of posterity!

It may be a prudent idea that The RPO A,D and Z Shmel Missiles which seem to have instilled fear into the LTTE and their supporters should be utilised together with real Military Force far beyond the intensity and objective of a mere token measure for the purpose of eliminating visible and non visible LTTE targets with intent to wipe them out and incapacitate them beyond reprieve as there seems to be no reason to spare any available resources, of which there are many for this sole objective, especially now that it has been established beyond reasonable doubt that these weapons, in the possesion of the Armed Forces are of a non- chemical nature and classified as coventional weapons of war.

Synonymously all emergency measures should be utilised to discourage and ban any public demonstrations Nationwide and all entry points to the City of Colombo most importantly, must be secured and monitored with round the clock surveillance and guarded with heavy weaponry, prudent directives and aquiline resolve.Any neglect of duties, support or intent to aid and abet infiltration to the city by any suspicious individuals should be interpreted as treason and if found with arms, ammunition or documentation of planned attacks the punishment should be of a capital nature. Perhaps if the death penalty which has been languishing in a hiatus since re-introduction is implemented to mete out punishment for acts of treason against the State it would serve as a deterrent not only to those who aid the terrorist cause but also to the opportunists who unscrupulously betray the Nation for their personal gain.

The recent infiltrations into the Airport and AirBases together with all similar incidents in the past which resulted in huge losses of life, public and private property, sadly have been a direct result of lapses and weak security combined with aid from opportunists and mercenaries prepared to betray their heritage for monetary gain and deemed intolerable in a just society and must never again be permitted to recur if the Sovereignity of Sri Lanka is to remain intact.


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