Astrological Predictions And Reality

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D.S Nanayakkara former Administrative Officer now turned Astrologer says it may be "Prosperity before Bloodshed" in his analysis of astrological charts for the forthcoming General Election which in his opinion favours the Leader of the Opposition, but there is a saying that in all wisdom " Wise Men Control The Stars and Stars Control The Fools"

The Extent to which the propaganda machine stretches out in Sri Lanka at times runs from the ridiculous to the sublime where all stops are pulled out regardless of their relevances and accuracies to the issues at hand although traditionaly, it is customary to consult soothsayers and psychics out of curiosity rather than necessity and one wonder what the wizard Nanayakkara's political affiliations are?.

It it very likely that in the same context of astrological predictions for the forthcoming Elections, there surely must exist one or more prominent Astrologers and Charts predicting a majority win for the PA and its Allies which needs searching out to put into perspective the importance of counter- propaganda although in all wisdom the ruling party is more than likely to control the Stars and all the fools controlled by the glitter of public office with no entitlement to don its cloak nor a mandate from the voters.

Astrology not being a true science yet based on probabilities, possibilities and coincidences to say the least is nevertheless powerful enough to sway the minds of believers in a shaky political climates such as which exists in Sri Lanka to day and coined with the superstitions of those fallible and weak minded to accept hypothetical theories there seems to be an unmistakeable air of mind play involved in the motives of the astrologers predicting victory for any political party and perhaps Mr. Nanayakkara should redo his charts without consultations from his foreign counterparts as there may be a reversal in his predictions indicated at this early stage of pre- election politicking.

Statistically, logically and realistically, the Opposition Parties seem to be losing their grip on the outcome of victory based on their indiscretions, hypocrisies and pretenses being portrayed through their foolhardy manouvres as likely betrayers of the Nation to the dark and evil forces at hand to disrupt and destroy its existence. The evidence to support it is crystal clear in a Nation which needs uplifting, deliverance from terrorists, stabilisation of a flailing economy and preservation of its Sovereign Integrity which the policies, projections and track record of the Opposition Parties seems to be incapable of accomplishing which is nearer to the truth than any astrological charts could ever predict.


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