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All pretenders to righteousness, the credibility of the LTTE and the UNP who have covertly spurred on their atrocities now atone for the damage and face their retribution! True enough, security was breached and the aircraft targeted, attacked but henceforth it would be futile for anyone to carry a banner for the LTTE, their banning, proscription and projected intentions for the Tamil Community as it is a load of bilge that needs to be flushed into oblivion.

If the UNP were asked about their role in the LTTE attacks they would surely feign innocence but the fact of the matter is there is reason to believe in their collaboration with the LTTE in what seems to be a conspiracy which has been effected with precision timing and if the future of the Nation rest in the decisions of this motley bunch then it might as well be turned over to the deserters roaming the land as they probably would do a better clean up job in ensuring a state of anarchy where the LTTE and UNP have played out their hands leading to their demise.

This is an opportunity for the Government to exercise all its authority to clean up the mess created by the LTTE and the UNP in their combinedly projected anarchy once and for all with the backing of the Nation which has reached the end of its tether.

No concessions need to be given from now on, and no attentions needed to be paid to the likes of the Leader of the Opposition whose scruples are now being made public in the manner of a brigand rather than a visionary political leader.

All the actions of the day seem to be a keeping of the promise to disrupt and create chaos until the Government is brought down, as otherwise it is unforeseeable that the LTTE in view of their demands for peace in the not too distant past would back down on their purported resolve unless it was a ploy to regroup as thought by the analysts who were probably correct to a degree.

There should be zero tolerance to actions of the LTTE and UNP who seem to have combined their resources in a manner which could be hugely detrimental to the country, the Government has the resources militarily and the jurisdiction which now should be utilised judiciously, calmly and efficiently to wipe out all threats to the security and well being of the Nation.

There should be no quarters asked and none given as the recent attacks on the Airports have given an unequivocal mandate for the Armed forces to search and destroy.

Organisations such as Amnesty International and the Human Rights Commissions who have been blaring their horns lately should be sidelined while this is initiated as their responses have been slow in the condemnation of any atrocities committed against the population and the Government, which cannot take a back seat shrouded in the veil of tolerance anymore.

The end of these entities should surely justify the means, as it would then ensure the preservation of Sovereignty and the Integrity of Sri Lanka


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