US Embassy Confirms Its Support To Fight Terrorism

Suranimala- Jathyanthara Singha Balawegaya For LankaWeb

Thankfully there will be no need for a Nationalised Debate on T.V. to ascertain the accuracies of US Policy towards LTTE Terrorism in Sri Lanka betweem Messers Holgate and Amslem, as the Charge D'Affaires Mr.Amslem has clearly outlined the US Governments support towards eradicating terrorism in Sri Lanka contradicting conflicting statements to the contrary from a certain Mr. Holgate of the US Embassy Staff in Colombo whose designation and responsibilities are hitherto unknown.

Mr. Amslem has further pointed out that the joint military excercises conducted recently between the Sri Lankan Armed Forces and the US clearly confirms US Government support which disagrees with LTTE idealogy for separatism which now has a broader outlook based on recent events and the dangers of International Terrorism which could affect the entire Region of Asia if permitted to escalate.

In short the US Government had pledged its support to the Government of Sri Lanka in the fight against the LTTE pointing out that they were one of the first Countries to outlaw the LTTE as a terrorist group and banning them.

Where Mr. Holgate found his inspiration for misguiding the News Media is unknown and appears to be a random utterance based on personal views and interpretations. Typically the feeding frenzy attitude of the Foreign Press, in particular those based in India, to publicise anything and everything on hearsay with no confirmation has apparently jumped at the opportunity for a bit of cheap publicity and the once popular journalistic slogan "Feed the Masses with anything you want them to beleive and it becomes instant,excitingly inciting reading!" has a noteworthy ring of truth to it.

According to Mr. Holgate and the so called US Government's comments which were never confirmed, there were no comparisons between Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaida and Prabhakaran's LTTE which has now been disclaimed as an error of judgement as startling information is beginning to emerge from viable sources pertaining to the Al-Quaida-LTTE connection which could have massive ramifications beyond perception for the entire region if not put down and quelled permanently.

The recently formed Alliance Against International Terrorism led by the US Government has no intentions to bypass the Sri Lankan terrorist problem or backing down from its obligations towards the cause of eliminating terrorism,unconfirmed news sources have learnt, which seems logical enough considering the pledges of US President Mr.George W.Bush whose dedication towards eradicating International Terrorism in "whatever form it exists and cutting off their sources of fund raising and arms supplies and all terrorist operations wherever it exists" end quote,was made with no reservation and with the fullest support of the NATO Alliance and has plummeted his popularity rating Nationally and Internationally to an all time high.


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