A Needless Price being paid for letting the LTTE regroup.

By Suranimala-JSBC for LankaWeb

There does not seem to be any justification for the hollow dialogue which permitted Norway to mediate towards peace with the LTTE nor the orchestrated scenarios of meetings in the Wanni,interventions by Religious Leaders etc. etc. as all it seems to have done is to have provided a corridor and a screen for the LTTE to regroup and fortify themselves even though it may be an initial flash in the pan given the Sri Lankan Security Forces' superiority both militarily and by way of equipment and leadership.
For a group of terrorists now proscribed forthwith Internationaly and sought after by Law Enforcement Agencies including the Interpol, the easing of military force by the Sri Lankan Government even to a small degree seems to be a miscalculation and has spurred the LTTE to a landmine laying operation and given them breathing space when in reality they should have been put in a stranglehold and the latest heavy fighting with casualties on both sides is an indication
that they are not a spent force just yet and not to be taken for granted.
Although the LTTE are heading towards their ultimate demise, they seem to be hell bent on going out with a bang while inflicting heavy casualties on the Goverment Forces and civilian population and strategically this must be avoided to whatever degree possible as the bone of contention is that they are still categorically a terrorist minority whose objectives are certainly not progressive towards the Democracy that Sri Lanka together with Her neighbours nor sympathetic towards the will of the majority and logically need to be wiped out, which cannot be accomplished without taking into consideration the lessons learnt from Pooneryn, Vedamaracchi and Elephant Pass where the Forces were literally caught napping.
The huge inroads being made presently by the Armed Forces must be maintained at a relentless and intense level in order to justify the very essence of being identified as the Elite Crack Armed Forces of Sri Lanka in their pursuit of justice and maintaining the sovereignity of Sri Lanka on behalf of all normal peaceloving citizens of the land whose aspirations for a lasting peace can only be accomplished if the enemy is defeated militarily or otherwise.


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