The Pros and Cons of a National Govt. With UNP Must Be Carefully Weighed.

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It may not be the ideal solution to the Nation's problems if a National Government was formed in alliance with the UNP. The past track record of the UNP speaks for itself and it could turn out to be a risky gamble as there are many doubtful credibility as far as the UNP are concerned and the 'pros and cons' of such a decision should be very carefully weighed before this option is taken.

The main gray area at present seems to be the leadership of Ranil Wickremasinge whose credibility is extremely doubtful as he has proved time and time again his motivations and intentions to project himself into power at any cost which may even include collaborating with the LTTE.

Carrying a slogan of self-confidence that he now has a majority in Parliament is based on a false sense of security and the renegade desertions of Rauf Hakeem and his buddies which has left the PA on shaky ground but could very well be a dilemma facing the UNP in the near future as Hakeem is quite capable of repeating his shenanigans with the UNP which could plunge the Nation into further crisis.

Hakeem is presently lurking in the shadows with his veritable group of 'hyenas' waiting for their share of the spoils in the event of a National Government with the UNP which may have dark undertones detrimental towards the progress of the Nation especially if it also included deserter Hakeem and his cronies.

All in all the attitude of the UNP seems unhealthy based on their advance demands for portfolios and the distribution of personnel in an alliance which could easily compound many issues and hindsight very definitely needs to be exercised before this risky maneuver is made and the more feasible option of an alliance with the JVP looms large as life on the horizon as the JVP's manifesto is not based upon self centered motives and neither have they shown a power hungry attitude during their tenure as a political party.

On the contrary, they have proved their credibility and objectives as true national minded sons and daughters of Sri Lanka who are more capable of working with the PA towards Nation Building and Progress for the future than the dubious politicos of the UNP who really have had their chances and do not have the real mandate of the people.

Even presently their continuing civil disobedience campaign has been once again dragged onto the streets with their 'goondas' in truck loads carted into Colombo and in direct contravention of the orders of the authorities in a taunting manner with hints of retaliatory legal action intended to hold the authorities at bay and worse could follow.

Are these the actions of progress by a group of sincere politicians with the best interests of the Nation at heart? Can they be trusted as co-executors of the smooth functioning of a Nation?

If an alliance with the JVP is entered into, it would not compromise the existing infrastructure of the Parliament and Cabinet and least of all, the designation of the present Prime Minister who has done a yeoman job in carrying out his duties and hardly deserves to be pre-empted and replaced by the dubious likes of the leader of the opposition who is already demanding this office.

If the status quo of the PA as the ruling party could be maintained with the joining of hands with the JVP and similarly disposed supporters of the PA, after weeding out internal dissenters within the PA especially those who recently tended their resignations, it seems to be the logical option from all points of rationality as their projected solutions to the Nation's problems are certainly not hair brained and vague and do not carry the risk of betraying the Nation advertently or inadvertently into the hands of the LTTE and not built on pipe dreams as seems to be the case of the UNP.


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