Two Pronged criticism of Government on what basis?

By Suranimala JSBC for Lankaweb

Indian News Sources collectively have reported that the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka and the International Community are both objecting to two vital items of great importance to the situation in Sri Lanka today.

While the H.R.C. has a right to implement their constitutional policies it should be made clear that they should not go beyond parameters which are very definitely related to human rights only and not the criticism of a Government engaged in a legitimate operation to wipe out terrorism.

In the case of an ongoing war, unfortunately the aspect of human rights becomes very relative.It is becoming more and more apparent that they seem to be taking a similar stand to that of Amnesty International, the British Based Human Rights Organisation which never seems to agree with any of the merits of the Sri Lankan Security Forces and has often been dubbed as a front for supporting subversives.

It is an irony that the a State Appointed Commission which by virtue of this very fact should refrain from euphemisms such as those being publicised much to the amusement of the perceptive observers of the International Community.Of noteworthy mention is the great reduction of Human Rights Violation perpetrated by the LTTE since their subjugation by the most efficient operations presently being carried on with a great measure of success by the Security Forces.

There is also reference to 'The International Community' currently imposing pressure on the Sri Lankan Government to resort to peace negotiation with a group of individuals who have proved beyond reasonable doubt that their cause defies reasoning related to peace in the true sense of the word and interestingly enough, never mentioning their concessions towards laying down their arms and ammunition and one wonders which International Community these newscasters are refering to?

THE REAL INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY comprising of rational,perceptive and wise protractors of what's best for the country in terms of a lasting peace know that the real solution to the problems will never be acheived by giving into the ploys of the LTTE and their sympathisers who are desperately trying to buy time to regroup, a fact that is becoming quite apparent.Peace in all sincerity seems to be the furthest thing from their minds as opposed to saving their hides!!

Quite coincidentaly (it is assumed!) these two entities, The H.R.C. and the front for the so called projected International Community not the real one, seem to have initiated a two pronged directive with similar objectives, namely creating a diversion from the present Operation Kinihira which is making more that minor inroads towards the Ultimate Objective of establishing a Sri Lanka where all citizens and residents could return to their normal lives and not live in apprehension.



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