Tamil Tiger Terrorist Supporter Simon Hughes MP shamed by British Anti terrorism Protesters.

By Tina Edward - Gunawardhana

Simon Hughes Liberal Democrat MP for Bermondsey North and Southwark was visibly shocked to see several Sri Lankans demonstrating against his support for the Tamil Tiger Terrorist Organisation, as he exited from the Liberal Democratic Party conference in Bournemouth his support for the LTTE Terrorist Organisation. British and Sri Lankan demonstrators had gathered outside the Liberal Democratic Party Conference in Bournemouth and expressed their anger at Mr Hughes support for the LTTE.

The demonstration held on 26.09.01 was organised under the auspices of the United Organisations Against Terrorism in Sri Lanka, an umbrella organisation which has amongst its members the following UK based groups, National Movement Against Terrorism, Sinhale Foundation, Buddhist Village Trust for Sri Lanka, Sihala Urumaya, and Human Right for victims of terrorism amongst others.

Placards carried by the demonstrators included slogans such as " Simon Hughes supports Tamil Terrorism" " Tamil Terrorists linked to Bid Laden Terror group" and "Tamil tigers pioneers of suicide Terrorism". The placards played a pivotal role in exposing the atrocities of the LTTE terrorist organisation and more importantly the support by extended by Simon Hughes to the LTTE. Over two hundred people that attended the Liberal Democrats conference were able to read the placards and all were given a leaflet, which stated that Sri Lanka needed help in combating Tamil terrorism.

The main thrust of the demonstration was to expose Simon Hughes, who is a known LTTE sympathiser. Investigations by the National Movement Against Terrorism (UK branch) in to Mr Simon Hughes affiliation with the LTTE revealed that in 1998 Simon Hughes had written a letter to the UNHCR in Geneva requesting them not to deport Suresh Manickavasagam to Sri Lanka. Manickavasagam is a well known LTTEer who was heading the Canadian based World Tamil Movement, which according to the US State Department, is classified as a front organisation for the LTTE terrorist organisation.

Mr Hughes has also used his position in the British parliament to raise many pro Tamil Tiger questions and issues. It is also pertinent to mention that Eelam House the British Headquarters of the LTTE and former International Secretariat is located in Mr Hughes constituency. Prior to being listed as one of the UK designated Terrorist groups, Mr Simon Hughes was a regular figure at all LTTE functions where on several occasions he appeared as a guest speaker sympathising with the LTTE.

The leaflet also stated that Sri Lanka had experienced far more suicide bombings that any other country in the world but the West had not taken any positive action in fighting Tamil Terrorism instead it continued to turn a blind eye to their activities in foreign lands. It also stated that although the LTTE was banned in this country the UK government were not actively enforcing the ban, as the LTTE continued to fund raise in the UK and had also set up various front organisations and business to lend an air of legitimacy for their fund raising purposes to sustain Tamil Terrorism in Sri Lanka.

The Demonstrators also handed over a letter to the leader of the Liberal Democrats Mr Charles Kennedy requesting him to tell his party not to fall prey to Tamil Terror tactics. It also warned him about Mr Simon Hughes support to a banned terrorist group and also asked him not to comprise his party's ethics on terrorism for the sake of votes, which was a shameful act. The letter also requested Mr Kennedy and his party members not to be fooled by claims by the LTTE terrorists that they are freedom fighters. It went on to explain that on the contrary, the LTTE had killed more than 10,000 Tamils who were opposed to the LTTE terrorism and also more importantly, had systematically killed every democratically elected Tamil Leader. This amply highlighted the fact that the LTTE were not freedom fighters. The letter also informed Mr Kennedy that Western Security agencies had established conclusive links between the LTTE and Osama Bid Laden. Furthermore it stated that the LTTE who are masters in the art of suicide bombings had imparted their knowledge to Arab terrorist groups. The letter concluded that the British people must accept that the LTTE works hand in glove with other terrorist groups and urged them to treat the LTTE with the same contempt and abhorrence that they treated Osama Bin Laden and his terrorist group.

During a respite in the Conference proceedings, the demonstrators spotted Mr Hughes leaving the venue and had approached him ,visibly shocked by all the placards and the leaflet being handed out which contained a copy of the letter Hughes had sent to the UNHCR in support of Mancikavasagam, Hughes said he was more concerned about the Human Rights abuses in Sri Lanka against the Tamils. One of the demonstrators said it "beggared belief that Hughes was concerned about abuses against Tamils but kept mum when the Tamil Terrorists engaged in ethnic cleansing to wipe out entire Sinhala villagers". The demonstrators warned Mr Hughes that former Indian President also courted the LTTE at one time but then the LTTE turned against him and killed Gandhi in a suicide bomb attack. That was the way the LTTE paid back a person who had assisted them and they warned Hughes not to fall further in to the LTTE clutches and urged him to get away from the LTTE as soon as possible.

Much to the satisfaction of the demonstrators Hughes requested them to make an appointment with him so that he could discuss matters further and also get the views of groups working against the LTTE terrorist organisation. The main organisers of the demonstration said they were elated with their success especially at the positive comments made by the conference attendees who were totally supportive in fighting global terrorism and including the LTTE in the genre of global terrorists.


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