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A.A.M.NIZAM Matara

JVP was the brain child of Rohana Wijeweera , son of an innocent Tangalle resident who was paralysed due to assaults by UNP goondas of the bygone era for the mere crime of being a disciple of Dr. S.A. Wickremasinghe.

Although he was brought up and assisted in his education by Dr. Wickremasinghe, the conflicts in the international Marxist movement and the variance in the national outlook on certain issues distanced Wijeweera from Dr. Wickremasinghe's Communist Party.

After a short respite in Mr. Shanmugathasan's Chinese Wing Party, he with the co-operation of many patriotic youth raised the JVP as a vehicle to defeat the capitalist oppression and exploitation of the working class, and establish a proletariat government and an egalitarian society.

Since its birth as a political party, its arch-enemy UNP had disposed all its strength and resources sometimes to destroy it completely and some other times to use it as cat's paw to obliterate other parties.

During the 1971 uprising the UNP gave its full and unreserved support to suppress the insurrection. This is the only occasion UNP while in the opposition had helped a government in power.

It was because UNP didn't want JVP to survive and wanted to annihilate it completely.

However, the sympathetic policy adopted by Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike to prosecute the leaders and rehabilitate the others saved the lives of several thousand including Rohana Wijeweera, and some fiery critics of the present government, who have embraced UNP's capitalism to satisfy their selfish needs.

Many others are serving the nation today as academicians and professionals. It could be in appreciation of the fair treatment meted out to JVP by the then Justice Minister Mr. Felix Dias Bandaranaike, that Wijeweera chose him as his Attorney in the law suit the JVP filed against the conduct of the 1982 Presidential Election.

When JR came to power he released Wijeweera and other leaders indirectly expecting that sudden upsurge in the JVP activities will decimate the popularity of SLFP.

Nonetheless when the JVP was gaining grounds JR was waiting for an opportunity to embark on his autocratic move to suppress them totally.

1983 pogrom unleashed against the Tamil community by his own Ministers gave this long awaited opportunity for JR to ban the JVP without any cause, and hunt for JVPers unsympathetically.

President Premadasa too followed the same policy against the JVPers. It is relevant to note here some statements made by the then Minister of National Security Mr. Ranjan Wijeratne, regarding JVP and Rohana Wijeweera.

When he was questioned about the brutal and colossal assassination of youth for alleged involvement in the JVP he defended the barbaric assassinations saying that if 100 fellows were killed there could at least be 4 hard core JVPers among them.

This was the respect UNP leadership had for the life of our younger generation. When Rohana Wijeweera was apprehended and killed, responding to a question raised by BBC as to why he was not presented to the President, the same Ranjan Wijeratne said that they do not need to take a dacoit to the President.

This is the irreverence shown by the UNP leadership to one of the prominent politician who sacrificed his life for the betterment of the downtrodden masses. A complete reversal to the sympathetic motherly treatment accorded by Mrs. Bandaranaike.

Several thousand innocent youths, with or without association with JVP were hounded up through midnight raids or "gonibilla" roundups during JR/Premadasa/Ranil era and were subjected to inhuman makeshift torture camps, including the infamous Batalanda complex.

No need to mention the persons alleged to have been involved in the torture and brutal murder of Attorney Liyanarachchi as it is well known. Similarly the horrendous crimes committed by DIG Premadasa Udugampola, and the pro-UNP Army Generals.

It is persons like Mahinda Rajapakse, Mangala Samaraweera, Mahinda Wejesekera, Richard Pathirana, Amarasiri Dodangoda in the South and their colleagues in the other parts of the country who visited, and rescued many innocent youth from torture camps, and gave them a new lease of life.

Now the JVP had overcome the brutal oppression in its blackest history and has raised from the ashes of Wijeweera, Gamanayake and many others. It is no need to tell them who the biggest and permanent enemy is. Their policies are centred on freeing this nation from the shackles of foreign capitalists, halt the embezzlement of wealth by a rich minority, liberating the working class from exploitation and undue oppression, social justice without duress etc, all of which are totally anathema to the enshrined policies of the UNP.

The anti-nationalist terrorist corroborative UNP, utterly disgusted with its failure to capture power by sinister moves, and acknowledging its inability to gain power by ballots, have embarked on a colossal destructive method to create anarchy and chaos in the country, by spilling the blood of the innocent misguided cadres.

JVP as a party of the common masses can never approve or favour the course of anarchy being followed by the UNP. Its sole duty at this hour of crisis is to stand firm against this course of anarchy and work towards restoring peace and harmony.


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