A Logical Rationale about why the LTTE are brash and obnoxious

Gotabhaya, Lions Of The South (L.O.T.S.) for LankaWeb

While the Nation is reeling from the renewed atrocities of the LTTE, many undiscerning minds of the Nation's Populace wonder why and whether they have anything to do with the surreptitious predilections, the UNP seems to have towards championing them? Certainly the lineage of the Jayawardena / Premadasa / Wickremasinghe empathy towards the LTTE, Wickremasinghe's in particular whose hand has been exposed by the actions of his emissary Dr. Jayalth Jayawardena and bold statements made on public platforms seem to confirm it.

In this context there should be no surprise at the boldness of the LTTE regardless of whether it was the anniversary of the Black Tigers or the "BlackGuards" for that matter though 'Black July' it certainly was! So far, every attack carried out by the LTTE within Populated Areas, at Strategic Installations and other Vital Locations constituting the Pulse and the Heartbeat of the Nation, reek of internal collaboration and conspiracy with the connivance of certain opposition forces out to undermine and orchestrate the downfall of the Government.

That the wretched and mindless suicidal zombies made their way into their target location without detection while transporting heavy equipment and carried out their operations with unerring accuracy and devastation, prior to an orgy of food and drink en route to Hell! is mind boggling together with the ludicrous decision taken sometime ago by the Authorities, to dismantle the alarm system surrounding the vital Air Base probably the only Airbase in the World sans a vital alarm system and early warning detectors if true!

If the issue was investigated with greater intensity, there is every likelihood that there could be undercurrents of conspiracy and Mafia like underworld groups aiding and abetting the terrorist attacks almost commonplace, without which in all likelihood they would never have had access to their targets or achieved their objectives resulting in the devastation caused.

It also has to be taken into perspective, that at the helm of the current situation there is a power hungry opposition led by a self centred and desperate individual whose scruples have proved questionable without the semblance of a doubt.

The question is, why are such individuals,(Dr. Jayalath Jayawardene and certain others included)tolerated and permitted to carry out their treasonous and covert modus operandi?

The sheer indifference on the part of the Authorities to investigate even the slightest suspicions of individuals with much greater intensity than already shown seems an endemic weakness, 'a chink in their armour' which has had dire consequences as the record proves.

Complacency seems rife in every case and in the recent attacks on the Airbase and Airforce, the Authorities though alerted by discerning residents of nearby areas about suspicious movements of unknown aliens have not responded with the intensity of a SWAT Force (STF in this case) or a Rapid Deployment Unit until the attacks commenced and the damage was done!.

The LTTE Leader's so called 'strategies, charisma and planning skills' are presently being praised and heralded by his followers as being super efficient, laughable perhaps and comparable to the proverbial 'cat with nine lives' and has little or no relevance to the brash and obnoxious arrogance of the LTTE whose real spate of fortune seems to lie in the collaboration and support given to them by the betrayers of Democracy, a huge network of mercenary type informants easily bought and their capability to infiltrate the weak kneed areas of defence (mercifully still minuscule!)which need to be fortified and made impenetrable in order that the process of elimination of the enemy continues to its successful end and with it the advent of a free and prosperous Sri Lanka whose real destiny lies in freedom from oppression by those attempting to hold it to ransom.


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