Canada's LTTE Spokesperson Thangavelu Should Re-Define Neo Fascism.

Gotabhaya - Jathyanthara Sinha Balawegaya For LankaWeb

The Oxford Dictionary defines Fascism as the principles and organisation of the nationalist and anti-communist movement started in Italy during World War One which the so called 'hand picked' representative of the LTTE in Canada, Mr. Velupillai Thangavelu has re-defined to describe the Hon. Mr. Stockwell Day ,Canadian Opposition Leader, calling him a Neo Fascist. The add on Neo incidentally refering to New.

Bold utterances from a spokesperson for an outlawed and proscribed group of terrorists whose very existence, let alone their collective opinion, has been denounced Internationally.

The Hon. Mr. Day through his outspokenness, sincerity and a sense of righteousness has invited world attention to the goings on in Canada and brought to light the various faux pas' and indiscretions of Cabinet Members such as Mr. Paul Martin, Ms. Maria Minna and Liberal Jim Karygiannis who have had the nerve to dabble in matters related to LTTE fronted organisations without compunction and Mr. Day is a Canadian Folk Hero in the eyes of many rather than merit the title Neo Fascist! A champion of democratic reform and economic opportunity and a likely future National Leader.

A typical example of the mentality of the LTTE who show scant respect for whoever they choose to denigrate with their puerile attacks in the wake of the overwhelming global condemnations and legislation initiated to crush their existence. Speaking on behalf of Tamil Canadians he is quoted as having said that "they don't expect anything better " from Mr. Day who is currently enjoying a massive wave of popular support for his charismatic personality and eloquence in Parliament and Public Affairs, someone who is being compared to the late beloved Hon. Pierre Elliot Trudeau for his clean cut no nonsense image.

The title Neo- Fascist /s, would more appropriately fit the LTTE led by Velupillai Prabhakaran and his group through coincidental similarities rather than emulated choices for their non tolerance of the Democratic Process and opposition to their protracted destructive policies devised to tear a Nation apart in the manner of their past peers such as the Hitlers, Milosoviches Chechescous and other noteworthy megalomaniacs who as History has proved, contributed to their eventual demise having been very systematically eliminated through International Justice and Law Enforcement.

The ensuing rhetoric from this LTTE spokesperson garbled as it is, bears no semblance of fact attached to it and is pure conjecture in the usage of terms such as Anti-Immigrant, Ultra -Conservative and Neo- Fascist, yet bold ! in a climate totally non-conducive to their critical nature which needs to be stifled together with the voice engines of the LTTE broadcasting hate propaganda universally and currently being monitored by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) prior to legislation being further tabled against terrorist activity within Canada.

These outbursts from LTTE's Thangavelu are a result of Mr. Day 's outspoken remarks in the Canadian Parliament about the Federation of Associations of Canadian Tamils recently described by CSIS, Canada's Security Agency as a front for the LTTE and further described by CSIS as a a dangerous terrorist organization emphasized by him and the Canadian Goverment's complacency in acknowledging the fact that Canadian Tamils too are victims of LTTE attrocities such as extortion and death threats. Hardly the actions of a Neo-Fascist and on the contrary, those of a visionary future Leader of Canada.


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