The Government"s Conciliatory Gestures Expose LTTE's Duplicity.

Suranimala - Jathyantara Sinha Balavegaya for LankaWeb

In a sudden turn of policy the Government has announced a conciliatory return to peace talks with the LTTE and immediately the notorious LTTE protagonist Balasingham labels it 'Political Duplicity by a Shaky Unstable Government' which sounds like a page stolen from the UNP's book and coincidentally similar, giving rise to the continued suspicion about their covert links with each other.

If the LTTE and the UNP for a moment believe this is weakness by the Government they must be mistaken as there is no real need for extensions of olive branches and should not be the interpretation as such, by either of these entities whose primary glaring objectives are to bring down the Government, cause anarchy and further deepen the crisis within the country and eventually de-stabilize it to their own ends.

Taking into consideration that there is no real mandate presently for the UNP to govern and no credible reason for concessions to be extended to the LTTE, it has been a magnanimous gesture on the part of the Government to attempt to re- initiate the peace process in the best interests of the Country and its rejection reveals the transparencies of both the UNP and the LTTE continuing to enjoy being tolerated by an Administration prioritizing the needs of the Nation, its safety and development as opposed to those of the UNP and the LTTE and thereby facilitating the alternative joining of hands between the PA and the JVP.

Possible eventualities as an aftermath of a likely coalition between the PA and the JVP will probably result in a turn of events much to the chagrin of the UNP and the LTTE as the Government War Machine is more than likely to then move forward in an all out effort to clear the land of destructive vermin and make it a safe place for all peace-loving Sri Lankans to live in.

The UNP's opposition to the so called alliance with the Marxists seems to be based on insecurity it spells uncertainty for their own existence bearing in mind the huge build up of support by the masses for the JVP whose dedication to their cause for rebuilding the Nation has been affirmed and accepted as being honest and sincere although a few loose ends within their infrastructure needs to be fortified.

There have been previous successful coalitions by the SLFP, the LSSP and the Communist Party, during the Government led by Her Excellency the late Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike and the group comprising of Messers Pieter Keuneman, Phillip,Leslie and Robert Gunewardena, Dr. Colvin Silva, Dr.N.M.Perera and Dr. S.A. Wickremasinghe whose support for the then ruling party brought about many positive changes in the better interests of the nation and bolstered the economy where the then UNP took a back seat and watched with envy and history could very well repeat itself in the event of a PA - JVP coalition which the present UNP would watch with regret and disdain rather than envy!.

If there is any questionable 'duplicity' it has been displayed by the UNP as well as the LTTE both displaying pathetic double standards and two faced propaganda towards the single-minded objective of toppling the Government and fooling the Tamil Community with a promise of a 'Shangri La' that will never materialize.

Theoreticians such as Balasingham and dreamers such as Ranil Wickremasinghe and Prabakharan should prepare to give up their status' quo as the time seems to be fast approaching of nowhere to run except ahead of their lengthening shadows as the cause for their existence as leaders of any kind is turning out to be a meaningless joke at the expense of a Nation torn apart by their misguided moves and their own duplicity which prevents their perception of the only logical solution to a lasting peace as presented to them by the Government and as a result protract further, the Nations problems and accelerate their own demise with the eventualities likely to follow.


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