A Security Lapse Unheard Of During The PA Tenure As LTTE Scores Again

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It may be called Operation Waruna Kirana but it might as well be renamed Operation 'Nidi Kirana' considering the lacksadaisical apathy which has prevented a massive cleanup operation from being carried out by the SLAF on the LTTE Sea Tiger 'Logistic Boats' whatever that term means, who have managed to pull off a major nose snubbing operation involving a huge shipment of arms from a container ship or ships outside of Sri Lankan Territorial Waters, something unheard of during the previous regime which had far greater resolve in dealing with such matters.

According to news reports coming in , the Sri Lankan Armed Forces' Reconnaissance Aircraft spotted the flotilla of Sea Tigers on the 19th of December, whose relative distance from the coast around 150 kilometres would have provided more than sufficient interception time for the Navy to scramble warships from each of its bases either in Trincomalee or Jaffna but in this case it appears to be the SLAF brain power which has been scrambled and the bungling which resulted had let the LTTE off the hook and needs thorough investigation in a Military Sense. The last security lapse of this nature resulted in a heavy toll of lives and property at the Katunayake International Airport and Base.

The flagrant violation of security notwithstanding and sidelined, one can only conclude that terrorism which has now been outlawed in almost all of the Democratic World is alive and well in Sri Lanka and Blackguards such as Prabakharan still ply their banned terrorist trade un abated all because the present Administration has turned soft on the LTTE and are on the verge of granting them concessions which they are already taking for granted in a bold and arrogant manner.

In an almost ludicurous fashion correspondingly there are financial concessions to the tune of millions of rupees being granted to various Tamil Organizations which individuals such as Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena seem to identify as representatives of displaced people although rumored to be LTTE sympathisers though none such have ever been extended to the displaced and suffering villagers who faced terrible attrocities at the hands of the LTTE and it is little wonder that the combination of all these factors contribute to the bravado of the LTTE who carry on their modus oprandi to project their cause all the while ridiculing the Sinhalese Community and amazed at their good fortune in having the UNP in power and virtually on their side!

It is an affront to the Security Operations as well as a travesty of justice to be aware of the fact that there may still be an arms supplying ship or ships lurking outside Sri Lankan territorial waters which have not been confronted and also the ignominious excuses by the SLAF regardless of weather patterns and the nature of craft required for the operations in having failed to search and destroy the Sea Tiger Flotilla who have got away in broad daylight, probably a direct result of the Defence Ministry having been wrested from Presidential Authority by the high talking but superfluously empty minded leadership who now has to account for the lapses which have caused this outrage.

There has been fair warning given through intelligence sources as far back as September 2001 that such a shipment of arms and ammunition was indeed expected around the time it appeared and the movement of Sea Tiger vessels whose unusual activity was observed, yet had free access to various points around the areas concerned despite 'Waruna Kirana' being in operation, where most of them heavily laden with cargo were not destroyed.

It is a fervent hope in the best interests of the Nation that regardless of the so called ceasefire, there should be no relaxation of Security or any grounds for the LTTE to beleive that the Armed Forces have dropped their guard, not forgetting Pooneryn, Elephant Pass, Vedamarrachi and the many other instances where they were literally caught napping.They are an entity who use the element of surprise regardless of principles and ethics to their advantage and not to be trusted and Sri lanka could once again be courting disaster in the event that this arms build up is intended for another massive operation despite the lopsided logic of the UNP on a calamitous route through their perceptions of how to acheive peace though paying scant respect to the unpredictable and dangerous nature of the LTTE.


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