Shameless Sellout of National Integrity.


Presumably on the instigation of the terrorist proxy Tamil Alliance Prime Minister Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe and some of his 53 member Ministerial colleagues made a hasty visit to India primarily to get the Indian government involved in the attempt to tackle the North East conflict. Despite lofty hopes, Inida although it welcomed the move, did not commit itself to become involved in the crisis.

This compelled the government to invite the Norwegians who have agreed once again to become the 'PIECE' brokers. The last Norwegian mediation attempt was stalled on three issues. The terrorists who expressed readiness to unconditional talks subsequently presented three pre-requisites for any talks. They were a ceasefire from the government forces, lifting the ban on items to the terrorist dominated uncleared areas and deproscription of the LTTE.

The new government has reciprocated the terrorists' ceasefire announcement with a declaration of 'cessation of hostilities'. Soldiers have been ordered to desist from making provocative acts. It means that the terrorists have a 'right' to kill our soldiers violating their own ceasefire announcement alleging that the soldiers provoked the killing as it was done several times in the previous bogus ceasefires. But on the contrary our soldiers should remain aloof and blind to terrorist activities, such as troop movements, buildups, training and even arms shipments. The presence of a ship carrying arms and ammunition is reported to be cruising in the international sea-lane off the coast of Mullaitivu. Many tiger boats have already transported several loads of lethal cargo from this ship in the broad daylight unchallenged by the Sri Lankan Navy due to the goodwill gesture of 'cessation of hostilities'. These new shipments have strengthened the terrorists military capabilities by many folds within a few days of the ceasefire/cessation of hostilities drama.

The ban on transporting the so-called essential items to Vanni is to be lifted from the 1st of January. Referring to the ban of items, the Defence Minister Mr. Tilak Marapane has ridiculed the ban of items such as dry cell batteries. It is unfortunate to have a person as Defence Minister who is unaware that these batteries are used to make anti-personnel mines called 'Johnny Mines' that has caused death to thousands of our soldiers. In order to facilitate transport of goods to these areas the internationally renown LTTE friendly Rehabilitation Minister Dr. Jayalath Jayawardhene has allocated Rs. 40 Million for improvement of roads in the area. Sri Lanka is the only nation in the world that feeds its own enemy and now the feeding is getting progressed once again to arming the enemy. Despite Sri Lankan government's purblind stupor to the real intention of the terrorists, India has taken cautious measures to strengthen security in its Southern Ports. Indian Naval authorities have predicted possible increase in the smuggling of petrol, diesel and other materials through its Southern Ports to Northern areas of Sri Lanka due to the favourable conditions created by government's ceasefire.

Meeting the third condition of the terrorists by the government, that of de-proscription of the ban on the organisation itself will not take long. It is unfortunate that instead of making use of the terrorist-envy world situation for our advantage, the government is stupidly trying to soothe the terrorists who have not changed even an atom of their fundamental demands but have tactfully camouflaged them to resist international antipathy.

Government's actions vis-a-vis the terrorists since it assumed office, indicate a total capitulation and complete betrayal of national integrity. The manipulation being made by a handful of shameless anti-national pro-LTTE elements in the government will not only negate the sacrifices made by thousands of our valiant young soldiers to protect the sovereignty of this nation but also will lead the country to permanent segregation.


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