Professor Uyangoda Terms The PA Regime Corrupt And Degenerate!

Nandimithra - Jathyanthara Singha Balawegaya For LankaWeb

Professor Jayadeva Uyangoda has loosely termed the previous PA Regime as being corrupt and degenerate in his recent memorandum to Yahoo News in a manner totally unbecoming of his learned status and is a display of the combination of a New Wave Ignorance presently sweeping the minds of some of the less perceptive self imposed analysts within the Nation in their post election exuberance and also sweeping the Nation's Rulers.

It is in a sense gross apathy and cowardice with scant respect to his sense of impartiality which never appeared to surface during the tenure of the PA , especially coming from someone as respected as himself whose integrity towards any Governance appears shaky, as the PA Administration was Internationally Acclaimed as an Impartial Administration who had to deal with a relentless hyena like Opposition and the complexities of the rabid forces it had to reckon with ,which were seemingly insurmountable.

The plethora of so called statistics which he presents to support his blatant denigration of The PA Government sometimes bordering on the sublime to the ridiculous seems to represent the mind of a very confused individual regardless of his academic status, conveying a personal representation to an International News Engine such as Yahoo which hardly co-relates to reality. The inception of corrupt and degenerate regimes go back to the founding era of the UNP Politicians filled with double standards and the systematic lining of their pockets by many which later snowballed into a an almost accepted norm of 'Bleeding The Coffers White' while building their mansions, gadding about in their jaunty jalopies and foraying into foreign lands more for pleasure yet camouflaged as Official Trips.On a Scale of Ten notwithstanding indiscretions by all previous regimes the UNP have statistically proved their numerical superiority in this area beyond a doubt.

The inference of his proclamation seems to bypass the real needs of a greater proportion the General Populace who are impoverished and eking out a meager existence bordering on penury and his adulation of the UNP as being representatives of the elite and educated strengthening their qualifications to change it, conveys in no uncertain terms the swing of his pendulum as far his partisan commentary making goes. Is he speculating on the lack of educated elite within the rank and file of the PA? who by comparison had their work cut out for them but was blocked by the visionless UNP and its selfishly motivated allies, time again time again based purely upon the political ('political 'more likely) appetite of the UNP leader who eventually very craftily manipulated himself into Administrative Power based upon the gullibility of the voting public and the baiting of the PA through his clever maneuverings, a voting public who were deceived into believing his promises, repeated by previous UNP Regimes but never really manifested except through token gestures citing the Premadasa Gramodaya Scenario as one example.

One need not look beyond the present realities of individuals such as Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena and Minister Tyrone Fernando already on a path of compromise as far as lifting embargos and distribution of banned items such as Batteries and concrete making cement to name some of the items used in the design of deadly armaments of Personal Landmines etc. which visionaries such as Mr. S.L.Gunasekera and Mr. A.A.M.Nizam have termed Dangerously Suicidal and a Betrayal Of The Nation Into The Hands Of The LTTE in many of their expressed opinions and very correctly.

According to his rationale, based upon the War Budget which according to him, has drained the economy (probably the only truism expressed) is he suggesting facilitating the needs of the LTTE who are even at this very moment re- arming their military resources and would it not amount to neglecting the Sovereign Integrity of Sri Lanka? A priority which the PA Government pursued and maintained relentlessly from being neglected perforce. Is he in any way alluding in very poor judgment, that based upon the speculative inability to muster the War Budget in accordance with the need to protect the Nation and the inability to re -assert Constitutional Reforms by the Previous Regime due to circumstances beyond its control , the PA Regime past was corrupt and degenerate? On the contrary, it probably takes a corrupt and degenerate mind to draw such conclusions in its hastiness to call a spade a spade without considering every aspect of the terms and realities involved, conjecture being the criterion.

"The Evil That Men Do Lives After Them, The Good Is Oft Interred With Their Bones. " ( Mark Anthony, at Julius Caesar's Funeral - W.Shakespeare) and how true!


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