An Eye Opener to the Government's Double Standards on Muslim Massacres.

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While denouncing totally the massacres of the Muslim Community and any form of violence directed at any innocent civilian population resulting in the loss of life and severe injuries at any time, it would be appropriate to point out that the Government of Ranil Wickremasinghe has shown a double standard in how it implements punitive action and bringing to justice the perpetrators culpable of the massacres where righteousness and indifference appear to be mixed in an uneven proportion rangeing from the sublime to the ridiculous!.

Former Defence Minister Anuruddha Ratwatte and his sons have been apprehended and taken into custody and accused of aiding and abetting the massacres of 10 Muslims from Udathalawinna albeit the curious indifferences shown towards the LTTE's horrendous massacres of over 175 innocent Muslims at prayer in a Mosque at Kaththankudi where the LTTE Leader being the culprit accused of aiding abetting and giving directives to this wretched attrocity has not even been named as a guilty party let alone attempt to apprehend him.

The eagerness and zeal to impound the Ratwattes, while being the proper course of action within the Statutes of the Land and deemed Constitutionally Correct is somehow overshadowed by the Government's soft pedalling of an identical issues and an identical if not more heinous crimes where the numbers are not relative to the enormity of the crimes ( of equal magnitude) nonetheless, and in the case of Prabhakaran and the LTTE a series of numerous civilian massacres but instead of incarceration, they have been extended a 'Hand of Goodwill' by the Government, which jumped to slam the cuffs on the Ratwattes!

Rather surprisingly the likes of Mr. Rauf Hakeem, the eternal Muslim activist normally quick to pounce on such indiscretions seem to have taken the day off ! in turning a blind eye and ignoring the implications the Government's indifference has, to the principle involved.

There can never be a justification under any circumstance for being partial towards any entity guilty of criminal activity regardless of a million Peace Initiatives or Ceasefires that may come into play and be cited as an excuse for the relaxation of Justice, in this case towards Prabhakaran and the LTTE although for arguments sake, the difficulty in apprehending him could very well be used as an excuse by the UNF Government stumbling over the many hypotheses of the 'experts' such as Prof. G.L Peiris currently catching up with his mathematical skills in stating that the Opposition towards the Peace Initiatives and the Ceasefire is being presented by a visible minority rather than a vast majority of the Nation's Population as the latest polls indicate a balance in favour of the latter.

Once again in the best interests of Justice within the Sovereign Territory of Sri Lanka and in assertion of the Constitution which has laid down rather clear cut precepts about the meting of Justice there is no room for the prurient attitude of the Administration towards ignoring the vital aspect of integrity in favour of a mendacious group of proscribed criminals.



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