Why Sinhala people think there is no otherway than a negotiated settlement

Wimal Ediriwira -The Sinhela Centre

FAQ:"A survey done by two or more organizations found that over 75% of Sri Lankan people -- people who live here preffers a negotiated settlement rather than a military one. The religious dignitaries have given their blessings to the process. And the people of this country have given their blessings to this process."

Yes. Isn't it a bit strange that a similar high percentage of the Sinhela people also voted in the recent elections for the two major parties - the UNP and the SLFP. Yet, both these political parties have said over the past eighteen years that they were not capable of eradicating the terrorists, and both of them - during the same eighteen years - gave increasing control over the sovereign territory of Sri Lanka to the Tamil terrorists.

So WHY did the Sinhela people vote for their own destruction? There are a number of reasons for it:

1. The fact that these two major parties have used their control of the mass media to brainwash the people into believing that "peace" with the terrorists is the only solution to the mass slaughter by the terrorists. (If you accept this argument that peace with the terrorists is the only solution, then the law courts, police and prisons should be abolished and the government should make peace with ALL the criminals - thieves, murderers, rapists etc. Or are you saying that there should only be peace with Tamil murderers and not with Sinhela murderers?)

2. Unlike the Tamils and the Muslims, the Sinhelas do not have a communal spirit. (In other words, it is the Tamils and the Muslims who are chauvinists, yet the Sri Lankan leaders, elected by the Sinhela people, go about calling the Sinhela people - who have no such communal feeling - chauvinists!) The communal feeling among the Sinhelas - and, thereby, their patriotism - has been destroyed by the UNP and the SLFP by their educational, language, cultural and other national policies over the past 54 years of 'Independence'. Yet, as you will know, since you have spent time in the U.S., every morning every school-child there puts his hand on his heart and sings the national anthem and salutes their national flag to signify their loyalty to their nation. Here in Britain, during the past week, the Home Secretary, Mr David Blunkett has demandedd that all immigrants to UK should also learn the English language, salute the flag, accept the culture etc. In fact, the Tamils who flooded to the west as bogus 'refugees have not insisted that they should have the 'right ' to have their language as the national language in any of these countries - very peaceably, like mice, they allow their children to be brought up to speak the national languages of these countries to which they have deceitfully come. Yet one of the major grounds on which Tamils claimed that they were 'oppressed' was that they were forced to learn the national language Sinhela, iin Sri Lanka and that their language Tamil was not recognised there.

3. The Sinhela people have been misled by the UNP and the SLFP political parties about their own rights and those of immigrants. In every country in Europe, every citizen is entitled to certain Human Rights, now listed under the Human Rights Act. Yet, ALL of these rights have ALWAYS been enjoyed by the immigrant Tamils and Muslims in Sri Lanka - despite the fact that Tamils who came to the west fraudulently claimed (in order to gain entry as 'refugees') that they were "treated as second-class citizens" in Sri Lanka.

But in EVERY country in Europe and elsewhere, the INDIGENOUS nation ALSO ENJOYS ADDITIONAL rights which are NOT available to immigrants (So the Tamil claims that they are treated as 'first-class citizens' in the west is also false). These rights are: (1) The right to call themselves "the Nation". (2) The sole right to the territory. (3) The right to have its language as the sole national language. (4) The right to have its culture as the sole national culture. (5) The right to have its religion as the sole national religion. (6) The right to have its flag as the sole national flag.

The UNP and the SLFP governments, by their control of the mass media, conditioned the Sinhela Nation to believe that they were NOT entitled to these rights.

FAQ;" You said that you too are for 'honorable and lasting peace.' But it baffles me how you expect to achieve this honorable and lasting peace."

You do not need to be baffled at all. In England there was a politician (Neville Chamberlain) who also, very naiively, imagined that aggressors could be appeased (In fact, HE was the one who invented the term 'honourable and lasting peace' - after meeting Hitler, Chamberlain came back to Britain waving a piece of paper and declaring that he had achieved 'Peace in our time!'!!) - till Hitler proved that appeasement only leads to more aggression - because the aggressor becomes aware that it is his aggression that leads the other party to give concessions - and so demands more, and more…

Thus Hitler, was defeated, not by appeasement, but by war. Immediately after September 11th 2001, this principle was affirmed by the whole world when they formed the World Alliance Against Terrorists, dedicated "to eradicate terrorists and those who harbour terrorists." THEY did not talk of an 'honourable and lasting peace' So, it seems ONLY you are baffled, but for everyone else in the world, the solution is VERY SIMPLE.

FAQ;"You also said that your relations in Jaffna are at risk of losing their lives because of the cease-fire. Could you please enlighten me on how and why exactly they are at risk? Because right now, there are not bullets or RPG's flying over the skies of Jaffna. But that does not mean that the armed forces have put their guard down. They are at all times on the lookout and defending their FDL's. So once again, why are they at an increased risk level?"

If, over the past eighteen years the government declared that it was not able to defeat, let alone eradicate, the Tamil terrorists in the northern part of the Island, does it take very much of intelligence to ask how the government will be able to eradicate the terrorists if the terrorists infiltrate the rest of the country too?

Are you trying to say that when the terrorists were restricted from moving about because of the road-blocks they managed to massacre more than 130,000 Sinhelas, but when they are free to go anywhere in the country they would not be able to massacre Sinhela people?

FAQ;You have said that "But that does not mean that the armed forces have put their guard down."

This is not correct:

1. The road-blocks have been removed, so the terrorists can go anywhere.

2. At least two terrorist ships carrying arms and explosives have been permitted to come into Sri Lanka - so the government is actually assisting the terrorists to consolidate, expand their area of control and rearm.

FAQ;"You abandonded this country when she was down in the dust and bleeding. You left her for a better life. You chose not to even pay her a visit. And I think it would be safe for me to assume that you are not even a citizen of hers anymore. All this after she gave you a free education and health services? What have you done for this country , apart from lip-service? I am not asking you to join the army. Come down here and work. Start up a business. Improve the economy."

Your replies are very naiive. More than 70 % 0f the land and more than 80 % of the businesses in Colombo are owned by Tamils (and Muslims) - despite the fact that we were supposed to be having a democratic government in which the Sinhela people were in control. Starting a few small businesses is not going to change this situation.

This is not a situation which arose yesterday but a legacy of British rule - the enormous wealth and privileges devolved on the minorities by the British colonialists in their divide and rule policy. The situation was exacerbated by the UNP and SLFP during their 54 year rule of our country, where they not only left untouched the massive privileged position of these minorities, but allowed them to increase it. The willingness of both these parties not only to continue to give increasing economic benefits, but also political power and, now territorial ownership, to the minorities indicates the extent to which these two parties are under the control of, and are thus colluding and collaborating with, the minorities.

FAQ;"Pay your taxes so that we can fund the war that you cry out for. If everyone keeps abandoning their country like this and only give lip-service from outside her borders, who is going to go to war..? Or more importantly, who is going to fund it..?"

This statement illustrates the extent to which you, too, have been conditioned by the government propaganda. The Sri Lankan army consists of more than 150,000 soldiers, while there are less than 1,500 Tamil terrorists. To claim that 100 Sinhela soldiers cannot defeat a single Tamil terrorist is an insult to our soldiers. In fact, when Elephant Pass fell, the world media revealed that not only were the soldiers without adequate arms and ammunition, they were even without food and water, and more than 2,000 soldiers were massacred when the terrorists overran the camp. In short, the reason the Tamil terrorists have not been eradicated for over eighteen years - while the JVP terrorists were eradicated in a fraction of the time - is simply because the Tamil-controlled Sri Lankan government is sabotaging the war against the Tamil terrorists.

TIME magazine revealed the situation even in 1999, pointing out that while the soldiers were on little pay, and without adequate arms and ammunition, the government and the rest of the country carried on as if there was nop war at all. During the Second World War, the British people did not have razor blades, had even sugar and sal under rations - to divert all resources to the war effort. But in Sri Lanka, despite a supposed eighteen-year war, there has been no war economy, no diversion of budgets…

In fact, despite the fact that the governments (of both the UNP and the SLFP) have been saying for the past eighteen years that they could not defeat, let alone eradicate, the Tamil terrorists, what did the new UNF government do the moment they took over power? They removed the road-blocks and check-points, entered into a cease-fire with the Tamil terrorists - AND allowed the terrorists to bring FOUR SHIPLOADS OF WEAPONS, AMMUNITION AND EXPLOSIVES into the country!!!

In other words, Chatura, what we have been having is a PHONEY war - for EIGHTEEN YEARS - by two parties who have been colluding and collaborating with the Tamil terrorists!

I am glad you say that you have got a good job and you are happy back in Sri Lanka. But, before you go to sleep each night (that is before you close your eyes for seven or eight hours each night), I suggest you spend a couple of minutes meditating what those Tamil terrorists (who are now able to go all over the country without hindrance) must be doing with all those guns, ammunition and explosives - FOUR SHIPLOADS of them!!



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