Government is duty bound to maintain Law and Order in the East. Clashes between Muslims and Tamils continue unabated in the Eastern Province and the impotent Government in Colombo apprehensive of displeasing the terrorist LTTE turns a blind eye to the events and maintains a complete silence. The death toll has risen to seven, several hundred have been injured and scores of shops and business establishments have been torched. The government despite declaring a nominal curfew has not taken any concrete action to quell the riots. The terrorists in their Tamil language website blame the riots as the work of Muslim rowdies and they even instigate and provoke the Tamils saying that these Muslim rowdies have abducted several Tamil women in Ottamavadi in Batticaloa.

Government's apparent failure to maintain law and order in the three Eastern Province Districts confirms its total abdication of power to the murderous terrorist gang and the imminent danger and insecurity faced by the Sinhalese and Muslim population in the three districts who jointly form the majority against 41.4% of Tamils in these districts. While the Colombo Government, as it is being called publicly by the terrorist leaders, concedes to all and unreasonable demands of the terrorists more and more restrictions have been imposed on the Muslim and Sinhala communities in the three districts by the terrorists. The latest as per the Sinhala daily "Divayina" is that Sinhalese in several colonies in the Ampara district have been prohibited to travel on some roads after 6.00 p.m. Also the removal of the "Panama" STF camp has endangered the life of several thousand non-Tamils in the Ampara district.

The LTTE's proxy MP from Batticaloa Mr. Joseph Pararajasingham who met the French and Dutch Ambassadors in the Eastern Province last Wednesday has confirmed the arms build up and strengthening of its forces by the terrorists and he has said that it is being done to protect the Tamils. Protection of Tamils from whom? Is it for protection of Tamils or to threat the Non-Tamils? The terrorists have a history of reneging on their promises and the current tense situation and the continued harassment being faced by the Sinhala and Muslim communities in the three districts warrant the strengthening of the existing army camps and not their removal as being agitated by the terrorists, and demanded by the alien NGOs.


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