Prof. Hudson McLean

There will be Peace in Sri Lanka, with or without the Jungle Jim or better known as Velupillai Prabhakaran, the Man with a Two Hundred Year bangle round his neck.

The shortest piece of advice his “Wise Men” should give to the murderous thug and his killer team is, “Pack Your Bags and Vanish into the Fjords of Norway!”

The party is over. The Peace Charade is History. Doctor Death with his Aussie better half should round up the rest of the Convicts and take the next flight out of Bangkok and disappear into anywhere they please.

We have a sneaking suspicion that RanilW and his own team of “Wise Men” knew of the outcome of this six year old case many moons ago. RanilW, hazarding a wild guess, took the chance of conning the silly Tiger Team out into the open and got them to say many things which the Tigers never dreamt of saying, even in their “wildest dreams” before September 11th 2001.

Many thought that RanilW had got hold of the tail of the Tiger, round a tree or a lamp post and could not let it go. But that is how he started, but half way round, we think that he whispered into the Tiger ear and, persuaded the Tiger to bite onto its own tail, until RanilW relieved himself for a moment or two and then disappeared in a flight to meet up with George W. Bush.

Perhaps, Uncle Mac might have to render an apology to the Baby Faced Stargazer, for being rather rude, many a time. But we still have some time for that.

The Vikings are now in for tasting a dish of their own making. We think that the Norwegians expected RanilW and his “Wise Men” to have a word or two into the presiding judge’s ear, promise him the Ambassador’s position at the United Nations or something substantial. Very likely he may get that too, now that the justice has been delivered.

“His Excellency” (my bloody foot) Dr. Antonius Balasingham and Colonel Adele Balasingham, with their killer brigade do have a lot to think about. Of course they can call the whole thing off and leave the “Con with a 200 year tag” to fend for himself. Or Anton can invent a heart attack and get rushed by Air Ambulance to Oslo. Hopefully, he has a valid old insurance policy to cover the cost. Perhaps the Norwegians or even RanilW might take care of this little eventuality. Well worth the expense.

The rest of the Tiger Team which went to Thailand can make the return journey via Oslo and settle down for an extended holiday.

Good ole Professor G.L. Pieris and his team might decide to have a stop over in Delhi, leaving the Tamil Tiger Terrorists (TTT) to fend for themselves.

Erik Solheim must be suffering from a massive headache right now, since the world at large saw him enjoying Dosai with a convicted criminal with a 200 year prison sentence. Agreed, that was before the sentence. Sri Lanka still considers that a person is innocent until proven guilty. Now RanilW can legally and without any embarrassment or hesitation, refuse to kiss Velupillai Prabhakaran in public, even for a quick Photo Opportunity. No more tea parties at Temple Trees with a convicted criminal for murder.

Of course, Dr. Balasingham might still claim that the judge was drunk when he passed the sentence. But he cannot say that the Sinhala Nation is uncivilised, after being accorded all that pomp and glory, during his last visits. Whew! What an anti climax! From a murderous terrorist to “His Excellency” and now fading down to nothing! Like a Batik which has lost its colour.

The Indians may now tighten the noose around the King Tiger and issue an open warrant, hopefully, WANTED - DEAD or ALIVE, to get the Thambi into a jail in New Delhi, to stand trial for the murder of Rajiv Gandhi. If DEAD, the Indians will save the costs of a trial.

Looks like Madam CBK should hang onto her horses and withhold Parliamentary elections for a while. The chances of the Peace Charade breaking into a million bits like an exploding Vadai, are extremely good. And any resurgence of violence by the TTT, will be amply returned with a massive Putin Style Sweep, by the SLDF, with a well coordinated support from the Allies. Under these conditions, any self respecting TTT cadre should now make a calculated decision to take the cyanide pill or simply start to grow chilies.

If Thambi is still alive, we shall club together and send one of my favourite songs to New Delhi Prison, by the King himself, not the one with 200 years sentence, but by Elvis “The King” Presley’s - Jail House Rock!

The entire Island of Sri Lanka should celebrate. Go! Man. Go! Hopefully Banda does not hit the bottle too hard!





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